Links and news for Aug 20 2013 – 2

1. Canadian Woman Opens Up About 460-Day Ordeal With Somali Captors: Forced to Convert to Islam, ‘Starved, Beaten and Sexually Brutalized’

(File this under “no compulsion in religion”)

2. More street prayers by muslims in Queens USA

(Again, I have to think this is an invitation to drive through their mosques)

NEW YORK — The Astoria neighborhood in Queens, New York, is home to thousands of Egyptian Americans and other groups.

3. Al Jazeera commentator and former Former MB Official, Gamal Nassar, claims that the leader of the Egyptian Army is actually Jewish and is implementing the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ in Egypt now.

Thanks C.B. Sashenka, M and Dan Friedman etc.

4. The Blaze collates some of the atrocities against Christians in Egypt over the past 72 hours. 

5. Femen founder, honoured by French stamp, tweets some truth about Islam

“What can be more stupid than Ramadan? What can be more uglier then this religion?”

(Apparently something this obvious and this true is now either illegal or ill advised, and so has been deleted from her Twitter account)

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5 Replies to “Links and news for Aug 20 2013 – 2”

  1. #2 If any American was going to laugh at how stupid the British Labour party and the people who elected them are, we have the same crap here.

  2. #1 The first half of that video is almost impossible to watch. Gets a little less painful in the second part with her mea culpas, but still: “Yeah, I feel a sense of responsibility that as long as we have opportunities to offer help and support and empowerment to the people in that country, then I need to keep doing this.”

    From the first half:

    “It’s a pretty remarkable journey I’ve been on the last couple of years…. For the next 460 days I was a captive in one of the world’s most dangerous countries…”

    “I had a pretty profound understanding that my teenage captors were a product of their environment. And I thought that perhaps if they had had opportunities to have an education, they may have made different choices in their lives. And through things they had said I believed that was true.”

    “It was a moment of absolute clarity of understanding that the boy who was abusing me was a product of his environment. And in that moment what I felt for him, surprisingly, surprisingly most to me, was compassion for this boy who I understood in that moment was a product of his environment, was shaped by the violence and the war around him, and whose suffering was maybe bigger than mine, which was mostly physical in that moment. And I was really surprised by that feeling of compassion, I certainly hadn’t expected that, but it didn’t go away…. Sitting in that dark room…. I began to dedicate myself to this process of forgiveness…”

    Is it 1400 years of Islamic brainwashing she thinks her Global Enrichment Foundation (“Hoops for Hope”) is freeing disempowered Somali rapists from, or merely human nature? She’s décolleté in pictures on the foundation’s web page, when Somali women, as of course knows, have to wrap up like mummies. What’s the point of that? “You too could dress like me.” What for, to get themselves raped? They’ve got their own good girl / bad girl thing going on anyhow, their own deeply ingrained indoctrination. The comments on Youtube are far more inspiring than this pretty profoundly silly woman’s account of what she learned on her “journey.”

  3. Re ‘#1

    Amanda Lindhout founded of the Global Enrichment Foundation. She plans to enrich the West with even more Somali Muslims.

    Please God, we have sinned, but do not punish us with more Islamic enrichment.

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