Sharia for Belgium attempts the moral high ground by interfering with muslims entering a brothel.

I could write an entire book about the absurdity of this one. But I think I would rather read what people have to say in the comments. Although the koranic phrase, ‘What your right hand can posses’ does spring to mind. Its like the only sex that is forbidden in islam is the sex that women are in control of.

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9 Replies to “Sharia for Belgium attempts the moral high ground by interfering with muslims entering a brothel.”

  1. Didn’t the human race invent the police in order to keep gangs of big tough guys from getting control of the streets and shaking down the passersby? Doesn’t it seem like a no-brainer that those Muslim street-corner bullies should be thrown into a paddy wagon and cleared off the street tout suit? Where is this order to “stand down” coming from? Why is it like this all over the world? Surely the Belgian cops must be aching to beat the shit out of these “Muslim Police”. Why won’t anyone stand up to these horrible bearded nightmare monkeys? And they act so arrogant because they know that they’re protected…

  2. The white man born in Belgium, presumably a “revert”, keeps saying women are not objects. Makes one wonder where he thinks he’s coming from. Liberalism or a Sharia that permits wife beating? Polygamy? Captive sex slaves? All cultures make feminine beauty, and even raw sexuality, into sacred objects, which is why some cover it and some flaunt it, and a wise few learn to reveal beauty with love and humility.

  3. You all do not get it. Slave girls are for breeding little Muslims. Visiting brothels is wasting good Muslim seed. OT: Does the revert understand why North-Africans don’t have to wear beards in order to be seen as Muslims?

  4. yes, the religion of peace. lol. these people are a bunch of mono-thinking zealots. for anyone who wants an educated rebuttal to these misogynists, read the koran. you can get it at any street fair where muslims are attempting to convert the heathens. it is a very easy read. it clearly shows that there is no possible way to be a ‘true muslim’ and also believe in the charter of rights and freedoms that defends and upholds the rights of men, women, children and homosexuals. this is why Bridget Bardot seemed like such an extremist but now of course seems like the voice of reason. interestingly we see how far Christianity has come because of those who are saying they are Christian but defend the prostitutes. we must only remember the dutch filmmaker who was killed with a ‘holy’ rant through the heart, the somalian tribal woman who was killed 6 days ago because she refused to wear a head covering to remember these people are murderous butchers who seek to inflict their retrograde on free-thinking people. thank you to those who confronted them for disturbing the peace of the streets.

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