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8 Replies to “More savagery in Egypt.”

  1. And Islam is supposed to be a fucking religion. They can’t even leave corpses alone without abusing them. And yes…. they are Muslims. There were enough shouts of that irritating chant ‘Allahu-Akbar” in the first video to confirm this.
    Still, it could have been worse, they could have engaged in a bit of necrophilia. Although I suspect that once the cameras had gone, a few of them probably did!

  2. Per Islam they are not suppose to abuse corpses.

    Saudi commentators were shocked when corpses of U.S. soldiers were dragged thru the streets of Mogadishu.

    But in practice is there really not much of a deterrent. They will still go to a Mosque and pray and they won’t be chastised or turned away. Instead they will be praised.

    Corpse abuse was done by American soldiers, the pissing on the Taliban. But I would say that is done to an enemy combatant that does anything but fight fair. The level of frustration must be very high. the f cking politicians and press got on their high horse. But some of the same thing happened during WW2 like in the Marianas. The brass found out. The word came down. The abuse stopped. It think it was doing stuff like collecting teeth. With the casualty rate and the time spent on the line I do not think all those guys were quite right. But the brass got it stopped and did so quietly.

    The police man shown and his attacked were Muslim, Sunni and both probably want the golden age of their country restored. that would probably mean a Caliphate. I say so because even General al-Sisi wants a caliphate. He even wrote as much when he was in the U.S.

    I guess the difference is that the Muslim Brotherhood are no where near competent when it come to governing, economics or much of anything.

    So anyway these guys feel good about abusing the corpse of someone with whom they had very little difference in a world view. So I ask everyone again can the word survive Islam?


    Necrophilia? Maybe if someone got ambushed in some out of the way place. Certainly Gaddaffi’s corpse was sodomized with an object to degrade him. I don’ think it was so much because they dream of it. Then again is think that someone that practiced bacha bazi would eventually resort to necrophilia. For a psychological deviant that would be a short step. To them it would be necessity.


  3. We are getting there. Slowly but with quickening pace, Britain will be like Egypt, Syria, Iraq or Nigeria – churches burnt and Christians massacred.

    For those who think they are atheists or agnostics – forget it.

    Muslims in the West consider anyone not wearing Islamic clothes or some other identifying symbol, to be Infidel Christians.

  4. Red wrote: I guess the difference is that the Muslim Brotherhood are no where near competent when it come to governing, economics or much of anything.

    I have written for sometime now, that the West’s strategy of destroying the Islamic world has two components

    1. Reduce the Islamic nation to chaos by invading it on some reasons such as WMDs or wanting to spread democracy.

    2. Let the “democratic” vote bring about a sharia government as in Tunisia, libya or Egypt, and maybe Syria.

    Both of these, one way or other causes an economic disaster. A caliphate is something we are trying to make for them, so that we can have a properly defined enemy for NATO. Consider, NATO after the collapse of the USSR has no reason to continue.

    Once a genuine caliphate is formed, we can apply the same measures that were employed against the Warsaw pact.

  5. DP I don’t think most of our leaders have brains enough to set up the policy you are talking about, let along run it successfully. Having said that Obama and the left helping the MB and the Egyptians who want freedom fighting back is bringing home to the west just what hell is coming the the west if we don’t start resisting the Moslem conquest.

  6. Richard

    This policy has not been worked out by the leaders. Long term strategy is the preserve of strategists deep in the dungeons of the government.

    I believe, and this is juts a guess, for 6 months after 9/11, a policy was worked out, very much along the lines of the strategy against the Warsaw pact. It would then be presented to the chiefs of the NSA, CIA, MI6, SD, FO etc, and then after thorough workout, such a long term policy would be submitted to the president of the USA, and the PM of the UK. This would then be agreed by the heads of the Western alliance.

    Things to note:

    1. Hasn’t anyone noticed how uniform western response is to Muslim within the West, and outside the West. Heck, democratic politicians cant agree on the time of day, and yet, on such tendentious policies, there is no divergence.

    2. Sweden and Switzerland, the most neutral of all countries, who have never taken part in military operations of the West, were and are in Afghanistan? Switzerland had to withdraw because of its special internal political arrangements.

    3. Pres Bush let slip that this was going to be a Crusade, and would last upto 50 years. He walked it back as fast as he could.

    4. Obama promised all sorts of things such as closing Gitmo or withdrawing from Afghanistan. But when he said troops would be out by 2011, he was contradicted openly by the chief of staff, who reminded him that 2014 was the withdrawal date agreed by the rest of the alliance. France and Britain were very angry by Obama’s statement. Clearly, Obama’s advisors had not got around to inform him that he couldn’t do anything he pleased, just because he was president.

    5. The war has expanded since Obama came to power. This is what makes the left and Muslims worldwide so angry,, and they are abandoning Obama. Obama is a prisoner in the White House. If he ever made the mistake of stepping out of line, lost birth certificates could mysteriously come to light – for instance.

  7. I can see where you are coming from I just don’t think the policy makers would hang together on this that long. Granted it is in our best interest for them to hang together but it is also in our best interest to get the Moslems out of the west.

  8. Also I seriously doubt the US intell groups could keep something like this quiet, everything else gets leaded so this would also.

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