Greek police report riot at (Muslim) detention camp


Riot police were dispatched on Saturday to put down a riot at Greece’s main migrant detention camp where detainees hurled stones at officers and set fire to their living quarters, authorities said.

Television footage showed fires blazing at the Amygdaleza detention camp outside Athens, where some 1,200 mainly Asian migrants are kept under police guard.

“We have 10 police officers injured by stones and other objects thrown at them,” a police spokesman told AFP.

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5 Replies to “Greek police report riot at (Muslim) detention camp”

  1. If these people are ‘Asian’, the what do you call someone from China, Japan, Korea, etc?

    If I were an Asian I would be insulted by such deliberate disinformation at the expense of my ethnicity.

  2. Stop sending in the police, who are unable to actually do anything.
    Send in the army and treat them all as POWs or shoot them.
    Yeh, I know, racist; fascist; etc.

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