Links and news for Aug 10 2013 – 3

1. Judge Iran’s regime by its actions, not by empty words 

By John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

And Canada remains a great country with courageous leadership.

2. Here is one strategy to fight back against the new Orwellian NSA-CSE-MI6 regimes.

3. U.S. Warns on Pakistan Travel, Pulls Lahore Diplomats (I still say its not as bad as Luton or Malmo)

4. An article, witten more as a kind of ampule of general anesthetic than as information, trying to insult the North Carolina legislature for considering an anti-sharia law bill. The article is bad and simply untruthful with no evidence to support its claims, but the comments are just plain commie. (H/T Arun)

5. Zimbabwe signs secret agreement to sell uranium to Iran. 

6. Major Danish daily warns we are on path to minor ice age. The thing is, this won’t shut the global warming people up at all because it was never about that. Global Warming, like Mad cow, killer bees, acid rain, nuclear winter, global-bee-death, Zebra muscles, Purple Loosestrife, Ozone layer depletion, and a host of others I can’t remember at the moment are just the secular leftist man’s way of having an end times myth to cling to.

It is basically just Islamic/Christian end times mythology although closer to Christian. The  narrative reads, ‘Man is evil and has brought the end of the world upon us all unless he repents’. Now the Christian version wants moral reformation while the leftist one wants its equivalent which is economic and social reform. Hence, mend your industrial capitalist ways or bring on the end of days while the Islamic one says screw all this we will actually cause the end of days and there will be no confusion about the cause of it, just look at the local mall on any Saturday afternoon.

(Thank you Richard and everyone who sent these in. I am a day behind or so on email. Some things are late.)

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4 Replies to “Links and news for Aug 10 2013 – 3”

  1. Greek police report riot at Muslim immigrant detention camp

    Riot police were dispatched on Saturday to put down a riot at Greece’s main migrant detention camp where detainees hurled stones at officers and set fire to their living quarters, authorities said.

    Television footage showed fires blazing at the Amygdaleza detention camp outside Athens, where some 1,200 mainly Asian migrants are kept under police guard.

    “We have 10 police officers injured by stones and other objects thrown at them,” a police spokesman told AFP.

    “The detainees set fire to mattresses and their living quarters, but riot police have been sent and the situation is calming down,” he said.

  2. #3

    Obama elected. Reset American policy. Vows to ends wars. Never mind the enemy has a vote on that.

    And the end result? There are fewer and fewer places in the world that Americans can visit safely.


  3. #1 when I was a kid I often heard the statement that actions speak louder then words, I can’t remember when I stopped hearing that but we need to start educating people that you need to watch the actions of people not just the words.

  4. #5 When is the Obama administration going to start saying the story is a lie like they did when British Intelligence said Saddam was buying yellow cake from Africa?

    #6 As far as the left is concerned if it isn’t man made it isn’t a disaster.

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