Sri Lanka: Buddhists attack mosque

(I would be interested in seeing any BBC coverage of the massive and lethal attack on Hindus yesterday in Kashmir, or recently when Muslims in Bangladesh destroyed Buddhist temples etc. Any links appreciated)


Aug 10 2013

1. Sri Lanka Buddhist mob attacks Colombo mosque BBC:

Sri Lankan Muslims wait out side a vandalized mosque as police commandos stand guard Police were drafted into the area to quell unrest after the attack

A Buddhist mob has attacked a mosque in the Grandpass area of the Sri Lankan capital Colombo, leaving at least five people injured.

Buddhists and Muslims clashed after the attack, and police imposed a curfew in the area.

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2. Before Attack Govt. Asked Muslim Ministers To Shut Mosque Till After CHOGM

Details are now emerging of a top cop approaching two senior Muslim Ministers last afternoon (10 August) to request them to close the new makeshift mosque in Grandpass until after the end of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting scheduled to take place in Colombo in November, Colombo Telegraph learns.

DIG Anura Senanayeke

Western Province Senior DIG Anura Senanayeke had made the request although the motive of the senior police official is not clear. CLICK TO STORY:

3. Update: Grandpass Muslim Prayer Centre Attack: Police Curfew Imposed

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Police curfew imposed in the Grandpass area until 7 am tomorrow after two groups clashed in the area following an attack on a Muslim prayer centre in the area.

Armed forces have been deployed in Grandpass after a well known masjid or Muslim prayer centre in the area was attacked this evening.

(Damn you have to love those Buddhists!)

4. Update: Buddhist Monks Led Mob Attacked Muslim Prayer Centre: Bells In The Nearby Buddhist Temple Rang Out Before The Attack

Residents say the temple bells in the nearby Buddhist temple rang out before the Grandpass Muslim Prayer Centre attack took place this evening. The residents said the crowd of about 10 monks and at least 50 people gathered at the temple. Ravana Balaya has denied involvement in the attack and residents claim many of the monks were from the area temple.Upto five people injured including two policemen so far.

The Ravana Balaya group called for its relocation within one month.  Security forces personnel have now been stationed around the mosque to assist the police to keep calm.

5. Grandpass Muslim Prayer Centre Attacked, Armed Forces Deployed

Armed forces have been deployed in Grandpass after a well known masjid or Muslim prayer centrein the area was attacked a short while ago. Upto five people injured including two policemen so far, according to reports onsite.

Sihala Ravaya exchanging words with members of the Muslim community in Grandpass last week.

According to eyewitnesses about 10 Buddhist monks suspected to be from the Ravana Balaya group, allegedly attacked the mosque despite the police guard.

The area remains tense after a few houses were also attacked on the Swarna Chaitya road in Grandpass where the mosque is situated.

The attack took place soon after Maghrib or evening prayers, sources told Colombo Telegraph.


The Ravana Balaya group called for its relocation within one month.  Security forces personnel have now been stationed around the mosque to assist the police to keep calm.


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4 Replies to “Sri Lanka: Buddhists attack mosque”

  1. Good old BBC trying to persuade us that Up is Down ,right is really wrong and a “genuine” religion of peace Buddhism is actually violent.If only we could borrow the rose tinted spectacles and millionaire salaries of our BBC leftist eugenicists we could catch a glimpse of their dystopian cartoon world view. They are not saying a damn thing on the points you have raised.

    The only thing i could find is the link below where they discuss local policing generalities …….

    “Indian troops enforce curfew in Kashmir town of Kishtwar”

  2. The US Embassy urged Sri Lankan authorities on Sunday to arrest and prosecute those responsible for vandalizing a mosque in the national capital.

    “This incident is particularly troubling in light of a number of recent attacks against the Muslim community in Sri Lanka,” the US Embassy said in a statement.

  3. When people start resisting the Islamic conquest we can always count on the Western media to try and make the defenders of their culture as the villains.

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