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3 Replies to “New moderate Iran?”

  1. Unfortunately my hopes about the technical proficiency of a counter revolution in Iran were raised for a second when I misread it as ‘“ISLAM is a cancerous tumor and we should all rise up and destroy it.”’

  2. There is nothing more reassuring than hope. We hope for a better year. We hope for a better life. We hope that Iran will stop trying to build nuclear weapons and the hope for many is that Hassan Rouhani will be the man to follow through on that idea. Much of that hope revolves around the perception of Rouhani based on his pleasant demeanor, initial chastisement of outgoing president Ahmadinejad and simply because he isn’t Supreme Leader Khamenei. But all of that obscures some key facts. Namely that Rouhani has enjoyed a long career in the service of the regime in its military, intelligence and security arms. He has been the face of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team and there has never been any sign of dissent over the past 30 years in his relationship with Khamenei and the policies of the Supreme Guardian Council and his fellow clerics. If you really want to get to know this man’s career, I would suggest you check out http://www.hassan-rouhani.info. The true indicators of a different future will come if Rouhani takes concrete steps towards moderation such as liberalizing internet access to social media, re-opening shuttered opposition newspapers, releasing political prisoners and halting public executions. Failure to do any of those things will only reinforce that we’re in for another four years of Ahmadinejad…just with a nicer smile.

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