“Most Influential Blogger Award”

Blazing Cat Fur nominated me for most influential blog award. This is a little like Michael Jordan nominating me for best basketball player award. Except that I do have a blog and I don’t play basketball. Nonetheless I am honored to be considered for this and especially by BCF. A site that actually does break a lot of stories that need breaking, and which does influence the legacy media to report on things, either because BCF discovers stories for them or embarrasses them into reporting on things they should have been covering but where afraid to previously.

Here are the rules for nominees, the answers to the 7 questions posed to me, and my nomination and 7 questions for them.

1. I heard you gave up your Accordion band to join the Counter Jihad. Is that true and what makes it so fulfilling a vocation for you?

Well, if it had been accordion band, giving it up would have been reward enough. I did have a career in the arts though and yes, I had to back-burner it a great deal to do this. The reason being, when one becomes aware of the seriousness and nature of the problem of galloping leftism and Islamic transformation on our cultures and societies, it is exceedingly difficult to turn your back on that knowing that there is no one else working on the problem. In fact, those who are well paid to work on the problem seem comfortably on the other side aiding the enemy and anesthetizing those they are elected to represent. That and this gives me the chance to write lots and lots of run-on sentences.

2. Marx predicted England would be the first to experience revolution. Are we wrong as well in assuming it is nearing its tipping point?

What a tragic thing it is to find myself actually hoping they have one. It seems that this is all that can save them at this point and from this perspective. If England harbours any hope of preserving itself as a culture and a people they should prepare for one. Just not a Marxist one. They already had that one and it isn’t working out so well. As Mark Steyn pointed out, the British Health services, the NHS is the third largest employer in the world after the Chinese army and the Indian Railway.

3.What are your worst fears for the future?

Have a look at the Balkans recent past for the last 35 years or so. England for the past 25 or so. India when Tamerlane swept through with Islamic armies. The muslim ‘archeologists’ in Gaza who dig up any artifact showing Jewish ancestral existence for the sole purpose of destroying it as the Saudis do when an ancient church is unearthed in the KSA. Dagestan in the former USSR, and Afghanistan since the hippies left and it renewed its Islamic roots. Then transfer that to Toronto, Ottawa, and Edmonton. One can extrapolate pretty easily as we are making the exact same policy errors that they did.

Maybe we should ask the people who used to live in Marseille if they feel we should do things differently than they did.

4. What brings you hope for the future?

Seeing Canadian couples with babies.

5. If you had the Prime Minister’s ear what would you say to him?

Can you please explain to me why it is that you seem to be the most aware leader in the Western world about Islam and the non-miscablity it has with liberal democracy yet you are importing more orthodox muslims into Canada than anywhere else and ever before? How to you see this working out for anybody? We cannot sustain a civilization on the basis of infiltration and whack-a-mole. A nation is made of the people within it, and their shared values. Law, is nothing more than codified culture in every respect. You cannot have a nation of laws and multiculturalism. That creates balkanization at best.

6. Your blog is called Vlad Tepes, how come you don’t decorate it with cool pictures of Dracula? Or better yet Dracula Babes?

When I started this site, I wanted to pick a historical name for someone who most had forgotten was famous in his day for resisting islamic jihad into the West. Vlad Tepes is famous as Dracula but is a genuine hero to the Romanian people for defending his people against Islamic invasion. Although, like the Crusaders, he eventually lost, he was a great man for what he did accomplish till then. People would do well to know his real history. Even muslims often tell their children that Vlad Tepes was a great enemy of Islam. Something which is a very high honour indeed given the nature of it.

I also don’t know any goth chicks well enough to get those photos but maybe after they see this cool award they will send some in to me (hint hint)

7. Who are your must reads in the Jihadosphere?

I am typing these out in the order they occur to me, not in the order of importance or quality.


Gates of Vienna.

Maj. Stephen Coughlin.

Blazing Cat Fur.

Point De Bascule.

Jihad Watch.

Tundra Tabloids

The EDL sites

Pat Condell

and in 20 minutes I will kick myself for all the people who I speak to and read every week and have forgotten about just at the moment like Front Page and many more. But thankfully the list is growing.

I nominate Point De Bascule.

PDB, Like Blazing Cat Fur, does a ton of original research. Focusing entirely on the jihad on Canada, PDB has files on so many of the nasty characters that inhabit mosques in here, what their backgrounds are, and what their actual connections and activities are. Which typically are at 180 degree odds with what they claim their values are publicly, and PDB busts them. They are what the FBI should be, except they dont get paid and if the government could stop them they probably would. The site is typically bilingual. Again, they do not get paid for this. So they do all that work as volunteers in two languages. Some security personnel in Canada occasionally turn to them to find out details and backgrounds of some of these characters. Just wait a few days and check their site for a brilliant example of exactly what I am talking about. Point De Bascule means ‘The Tipping Point’ and I suspect they may feel Canada is much closer to that then most of us would be comfortable knowing.

My 7 questions for them:

1. Which cities in Canada would you say are the most compromised and penetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and sharia seeking groups?

2. Can you describe how you got into this and why?

3. Where does Canada stack up in terms of degree of penetration by Islamic orgs. for the purpose of transforming Canada into a more Islamic state as compared to the USA and various European states such as France?

4. What would be your advice to average Canadians to help change the course we are on with respect to Islamification of Canada?

5. How does Quebec differ from English Canada on these issues?

6. To what degree does the legacy media in Canada collude with each other and the government (as it is in England) to cover up Islamic actions in Canada and Quebec?

7. Do we have the same kinds of problems as England and France such as pedophile rape gangs and major areas becoming sharia enforced no-go zones?




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9 Replies to ““Most Influential Blogger Award””

  1. Well done Vlad…….

    However, the feather in the cap will be your nomination as “most vicious islamophobe and hatemonger” as determined by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation…….that will truly be cause for joyous celebration………now get back to work you filthy racist hatemongering Islamophobe you!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. vlad
    u r no doubt deserve it. my number one web site and blogger.
    please keep on with your amazing work.
    best wishes
    mony shlomo

  3. Islam is peace! And… Its the special month – Ramadan, ermm, Bombathon! (Btw, shouldnt “they” have cared back then when the Benghazi affair was unfolding? The signs were pretty obvious even if it wasnt about Bombathon specifically.)

    Possible al-Qaeda threat closes all US embassies Sunday across Middle East (NBC, Aug 1, 2013)
    “The United States is closing all of its embassies Sunday in the Middle East and parts of Asia because of a possible al-Qaeda-related threat to diplomatic posts worldwide, American officials told NBC News on Thursday. The U.S. has been “apprised of information that out of an abundance of caution and care for our employees and others who may be visiting our installations, that indicates we should institute these precautionary steps,” said State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf…”

    Congrats on your nomination, Vlad and Eeyore!

  4. I would also add Atlas Shrugs, Pamela Gellar has been fearless confronting the PC crowd.

    And I think Obama is the Western leader most aware of what Islam brings, trouble is he wants it.

  5. I was actually thinking (like Anonymous) about Pamela Geller: this super brave gal is probably what Vlad was talking about when he said:

    …and in 20 minutes I will kick myself for all the people who I speak to and read every week and have forgotten about just at the moment…”

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