A mosque burns down in Hannover

Original translation from PI News

By Oz-Rita

No, it’s not a mosque, because if it were, then all regional and national news papers would be full with the incident. No, it’s only a christian church in the strongly “enriched” Garbsen near Hannover. So, there is no initial suspicion of Racism or xenophobia, since it was not a mosque but merely a Church.

(by Roland)

However: what can be said without fear of prosecution is that in the night to Tuesday this fire was deliberately lit. But when there is a fire in a christian Church, one should always be sensitive towards other cultures and assume it was done by the church itself or that the cause was an accident with the candles during the church service.

Regarding the situation around the Christian church, and the fact that the powers of the State are not in the least interested in them, one can read, surprisingly in the leftist paper, the Hannoverschen Allgemeinen Zeitung (HAZ), and one can then come to one’s own conclusions:

“When they torch a Church, then residential houses will soon follow”. A resident says during the night what probably many think. Fear, bewilderment and tears among those close to Willehadi. “I am shatterd that not everyone was shatterd that night”, says Pastor Renate Muckelberg and means the scenes that Firefighters and Police had to face: Nearly riot-like exuberance among youths at Spoerberhorst, maliciously gloating shouts, yobs tearing past on two wheels, provokingly close, everywhere mobile phones filming…[…]”

[Translators notes on the video] It is mostly tedious technical details about the fire with someone saying it was definitely deliberately lit.




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  1. The Moslems are moving up to the next level in their conquest of Europe, they think the Europeans are so beaten down that they will not resist.

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