Links and news for July 31 2013 – 2

1. Yesterday I posted a video someone made of several dogs being prepared for muslim prayers in Malaysia. This woman, a dog trainer, has since been arrested. H/T M

2. Hamas summer camp for kids prepares children for peace with Israel and Jews Muslim style.

3. The Punishment for reading a Bible in Saudi Arabia (photo) The pinnacle of Islamic innovation and improvisation?

**UPDATE** A search for this picture turns up an article about someone who got their hand caught in a paper shredding machine. Iran however, did ‘invent’ a hand cutting machine for enforcing sharia law.

Pinnacle of islamic innovation?

4. The French government on Wednesday announced it was banning two far-right militant groups after outlawing three others earlier this month, in a move one expert on far right movements said was a direct response to growing Islamist radicalism. Story here

5. Bombing the Buddhists. Bill Warner

The jihadists — on this occasion the Indian Mujahadeen — are at it again. On a Sunday in July nine bombs went off in Buddhism’s most sacred place, Bodh Gaya in India. The jihadists said the bombing was in retaliation for the Buddhists resisting jihad in Myanmar. This would be the equivalent of bombing the Wailing Wall, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Bethlehem or the Kabbah. But, since Buddhists are the least political of all religions, the media barely noticed.


6. Police caught barefacedly lying to the public in the UK about Islamic rape jihad. Again.

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  1. Thought this on might interest you Eeyore
    I did start a reply to your last reply but I must have pressed a wrong button and lost it, could I just make a couple of quick comments?
    Evolution is far from settled science, in fact science more DISPROVES evolution than proves it, consider the following points : There is NO missing link anywhere in the fossil record ANYWHERE, no transitional creature, different creatures, some that look like creatures that had existed previously, that possibly (with a bit of imagination) could have evolved from other creatures, but no provable link.
    This is only a trailer, but you get the picture, when asked, even evolution’s main proponents have to admit there is absolutely no proof.
    Consider the k/t boundary. I can’t find a link to anything that isn’t disingenuous about it, but the K/T boundary covers the WHOLE EARTH, yes, correct the whole earth was covered by a flood, according to strata dating IF IT IS ACCURATE 65million years ago. Some websites will tell you that 50% of all life on earth was wiped out, some 90-95%, but the truth is ALL life disappeared, the K/T boundary is STERILE – no fossils, and above it completely different fully formed creatures, with NO TIME to have evolved from scratch.
    Consider: Proteins have NEVER been observed to occur naturally, in fact scientists have NEVER been able to create any conditions where proteins can assemble themselves, nor can they create them; every now and again some university will claim to have created a new protein, but when you read the small print they have manipulated a pre existing protein, moreover proteins rapidly break down outside the protection of a cell wall, that is why your body creates them at such a fantastic rate. Proteins, which consist ALL living matter have only EVER been seen to be produced inside a living cell, and they need a pre existing protein (dna) to provide a blueprint, another to read it (rna), and several more in its manufacture. Watch this to see how complicated the process is
    This is just ONE cell of TRILLIONS in your body, performing just ONE of MILLIONS of separate functions, and you think this complicated protein manufactory just created itself ? (there are many, many more components to a living cell than are shown. As someone famous once said ‘the notion that living matter in all it’s complexity could have somehow created itself is as fanciful as imagining that a whirlwind could blow through a scrapyard and somehow assemble a brand new Rolls Royce’ – or Ford Mustang if you prefer!.
    I hope that you will take the trouble to consider these points, dear Eeyore, and at least concede that I have not arrived at my conclusion as a matter of blind faith, in fact it was my wide ranging interest in science, and my reading extensively on such subjects (with an open mind, I was not reading to prove anything, but out of genuine curiosity) which led to what I consider an inevitable conclusion to anyone with an unbiased mind – there IS NO viable answer to existence other than SOME form of creation, and for me to my becoming a practicing Christian . ‘Sky fairies’ did not enter into the equation ! My beliefs come very much from an intellectual rather than an emotional point of view. I know, I know, I said QUICK points, but I’ve ran off at the keyboard again SOOORRREEE

  2. I rather like your idea (previous reply)of some sort of a Christian medallion. Being very much a professional Englishman, and very much a believer that I have only two cheeks to turn, after that I am very much a none pacifist Christian.
    THIS is what an Englishman WAS and SHOULD be.
    SO I would favour one of the great English warrior kings, say Oswald, or Edwin, who were martyred and sanctified, or perhaps other great kings who were no less devout who weren’t made saints, such as Alfred the Great, probably the greatest king, and who’s wise rule laid the foundations of the modern world, or Aethelstan iii, a great, mighty and devout king, or perhaps Edward i ‘Hammer of the Scots’, forget that braveheart crap – he protected his country and his people – put paid to Scottish invasions into northern England, with all the suffering, rape, murder, pillage that went with it. Edward iii his grandson, another great devout king, just some of my favourites. Or perhaps Charlemagne, probably the greatest warrior kings of all time.
    WHAT ? evil Christians, forever causing wars, pain, grief, suffering .
    NO, GREAT, DEVOUT, LOYAL protectors of their people, from the marauding pagan Penda, (Oswald, Edwin), from the invading Danes (Alfred) Combined Scots (who were from Ireland) and Normans. (Aethelstan) The Scots and the Welsh (Edwards) The advancing Muslims from the south and the pagan canibalistic Saxons in the north (Charlemagne)
    All of these kings believed in something greater than themselves, a faith, a culture, a people worth fighting and dying to preserve.
    and WE stand idly by whilst our sons are murdered on our streets for the crime of being white, English, French, American, German, Swedish, Dutch, our daughters, some not past puberty raped, debauched, enslaved by foreigners from all around the globe, imported by our treacherous ‘leaders’, who have convinced the plankton who now inhabit our lands that this is GOOD, that we must bow on our knees to them, not offend them, not say nasty things about them, SACRIFICE OUR CHILDREN, THEIR FUTURES TO THEM, and our childrens children, and their children.
    I haven’t put any links to any of these. If you want to learn about any of them buy a good biography and read it,

  3. Phil, (if you are Phil),

    Your response reads like an email circular for Viagra: to take something in order to feel good about achieving what you could not do on your own to please someone else while thinking you are a natural in an unnatural act.

    You swallowed the pill of Jesus to get a rise out of a deflated life to screw everyone for Jehovah as if performing a real life.

    You could also have swallowed Mohammedanism to save your life and screwed everyone for Allah for a sense of permission.

    You could have swallowed Homosexuality to get a validation to screw everyone for Hedonism for a sense of worth.

    All crying out to fill empty souls with affection from neglected childhoods. The proof is in their lifestyles.

    Whatever your inadequacy, the urge to be busy doing nothing does not make it go away. More love and more dogma are only distractions. The new found pleasure in a paper cut becomes being beaten up with a safe word you eventually decline to say. So you spend your time convincing others away from their truths into the magic you possess of ‘the way to guiltlessness’ to not seeing the bangles and face studs really hide what is really an underachiever.

    The kingdoms that live by illusion become more ruthless in trying to preserve them. It starts with hate crimes and not offending people onto to torture and genocide. Reality TV becomes their amphitheater of conformity and justice politicized.

    The Socialists have ruined the UK. Their dreams – their policies – and no one else’s.

    While the taxes rolled in, no one watched the tiller. People all ‘front of house’ and no character.

    Islam and Communism offer a way out for peace. Two Monoliths.

    You will live the life of a serf, but will be guarantee the daily bread you always prayed for. The closest match ever to a life on earth as it is in Heaven.

  4. Ha Ha, that’s half, more than half the trouble with the present inhabitants of this modern day divine comedy, ill educated, propagandised dupes, convinced they are clever because they watch the more ‘high minded’ propaganda, Horizon twice a month, a subscription to the history channel, and everyones a genius, no effort needed, no logic required, a quick line in sarcasm, a sharp burst of rhetoric, a bit of pseudo scientific psychoanalysis, and you’ve won the day, fended off another attack that threatens that bubble of pomp and self absurdness (that should be assuredness, and I was going to correct it, but, somehow, absurdness seemed rather appropriate, so I left it in), ONLY YOU HAVEN’T, to anyone with half a brain, and the synaptic connections to effect the merest semblance of honest critical thought you stand naked as an oven ready pullet. There is no substance, no factual reference, no advance of logic, no intelligence to your (lack of) argument at all, only high sounding (in your opinion it seems) rhetoric, bluster, sarcasm . What a DOLT. I’ve drawn this analogy before, but you are like my grandchildren, when they used to hide their heads behind the settee, with their whole body in view, convinced that because they couldn’t see me I couldn’t see them, although their whole body was in view, oh, of course I used to play the game, hunt the house upside down for them, although I see them all the time.
    And so it is with you, I can see past the mask of bluster and empty rhetoric that you think hides the spiritual and intellectual husk that you actually are. Unlike my grandchildren, I have no obligation or inclination to indulge your charade of self delusion.
    I would not dignify your tirade with a reply were it not already in the public domain.
    So for public consumption I will say just this, I have no regrets or sorrows about my life, I had fairly humble beginnings, but I grasped with both hands every opportunity that this once fine country gave me. If I have been a serf, then I have been less of a serf than 99% of the common inhabitants of this globe. I, and my wife have no worries about our future, such as it may be.
    My motivation ? My heart genuinely bleeds for young kids who won’t have the same opportunity, the same dignity, freedom, sheer joy of life that I have. They are already persecuted, legally discriminated against, pretty soon they won’t have a country, a culture to call their own, and will suffer all the insecurity and very real danger that that brings. My heart bleeds for those that have already suffered, the young lad that was recently stabbed to death in Manchester, just going about his business, looking for his first job, that particularly upset me, I have grandsons the same age, but to our wonderful caring sharing society he was just ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’. No seat in the house of lords for his mum ! My heart bleeds for all the young girls exposed to unspeakable debauchery depravity at such a tender age, treated with unspeakable cruelty and bestiality by foreign animals with the moral values of a sewer rat.
    And NOBODY CARES, even those who should love them, nurture them protect them don’t seem to care, and WHY, why is there no moral outrage?
    We have lost our values, our unity, our identity, EVERYTHING that made us us, and there is only ONE source of that, as there is only ONE TRUTH.
    And to be honest, in a lot of ways I don’t give a flying farouk what you, or anyone else believes, how you conduct yourself, and in a lot of ways you, and so many people deserve the great misery that’s coming your way. The trouble is my children, their children, their childrens children, plus millions of other good and decent people are going to have to inhabit the shit heap that self satisfied clever sods like you are creating, and I DO care about them.
    I’m sorry I’ve rambled on again, but go —- yourself you —- didn’t quite convey my meaning, although it did sum up my emotions.
    Once again dear Eeyore, I apologise if I have encroached or defaced you august blog, but, it’s time to start answering like with like with twats like this I will understand if you feel compelled to redact or delete it

  5. Wow perfect child, Communism guarantees food? Tell that to the Ukrainians Stalin starved, or the millions who perished in Chinese re education camps, or to those dying today in North Korea.

    Islam like Communism only guarantees slavery, fear and death.

  6. Well said anon, Christianity is actually the fastest growing religion in the world – thanks to two countries in the main – Russia (together with former soviet satellites), where it now occupies a position at the heart of the state – and China, which has an ‘official’ Christian church, and a much larger ‘underground’ Christian church. I don’t know about now but I remember thinking the last time I saw anything about it that the ‘unofficial’ church in China numbered more people than there are in the U.K. – OVER 60million ! and growing ! The Chinese state was closing down the independent churches and bulldozing them, but as fast as they could knock ’em down new ones were springing up. These people have learned from bitter experience what living under a Godless, heartless regime REALLY means.
    God forbid that we should have to learn that lesson,Tens of Millions murdered by their own governments, Starvation, brutal state oppression, abject poverty, a hopeless, grey, futureless existence.
    And we are heading there FAST, the gulags are already there (in the U.S. at least), oppressive, invasive laws come onto the statute book on a daily basis, aside from that, robbery, murder, casual violence, self destructive, immoral behaviour that would have been unthinkable a mere generation ago, make the daily grind miserable and hazardous experience, and the idiots that inhabit our countries kid themselves that they’re happier more liberated, more intelligent, enlightened than they have ever been before. TAKE A LOOK AROUND YOU – THEY AREN’T – WE AREN’T – even those who have profited most from this corrupt, degenerate, evil society . We are already in a very dark place – and headed for a much darker one. FOR GOD’S SAKE WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE (or incense) BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE

  7. Wow perfect child, Communism guarantees food?

    Yes, and full employment. Just as Sharia will take care of everything too.

    Christianity failed the West. The Churches did not mobilize, but then how could they, with leaderships full of perverts?

    Socialism gave something for nothing and Jesus gave something for nothing. The Communists and the Churches could mop up all the taxes they gratefully gave up for keeping them safe.

    The United Against Fascism are the Trinity; of Communism, Islam and LGBTs.

    Their common-enemy is the heterosexual, monogamous white male.

    1960s the blacks capitulated to be angry and beautiful
    1970s women to be angry feminists
    1980s homosexuals to be angry equals

    But the White Man would not budge.

    1990s he was positively discriminate against.
    2000s his children taught sexual perversity that they no longer knew what gender they were.

    And he would still not budge.

    2010s White Privileged was thrown at him. (Like the National Socialists did to the Jews in Germany).

    The EDL formed.The Spirit of the White Anglo Saxon Protestant. It is not a gender, race, color, creed, sexual deviant, or religious tick box. It is a beattitude.

    And that’s what scares the government. Those who deliberately tried to wash them away.

  8. Why didn’t you say that in the first place.? You could have saved me a lot of writing. I couldn’t have put it better myself. The WASP is the key.

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