Massive riots by muslims against police in Hamburg Germany. No English news.

In fact for the past few nights, there have been so many muslim riots that in German news it actually made a headline when there were no riots last night.

I have not been able to find any English news on this, nor has one of our German colleagues but I do have a German video Don Laird sent. While its mostly chaos and German you can hear one Allahu Ackbar at 26 seconds before they cut away, presumably to cover up the following war-chants by the crowd.

As the day goes by I hope to get translations as well as this video redone in English, as the muslim who speaks to the camera is actually quite  high ranking muslim. Something like a Colonel maybe, as giving them a name like imam is pretty much meaningless.

[*** UPDATE *** ] For one reason or another, YT has seen fit to remove this video. Here it is however.

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13 Replies to “Massive riots by muslims against police in Hamburg Germany. No English news.”

  1. Man må vel efterhånden her i Europa lære at forstå, at vi ikke kan have muslimer blandt os.
    Civiliserede lande med den kristne religion som basis og grundlag for udviklingen kan ikke overleve med arabiske ukultiverede islamiske hedninge.

    No country can survive with the pagan muslims inside.
    They have no Prophet, no god – and no culture. The culture and the religion, they claim to have, is killing everyone outside this world of theirs.

  2. We the enlightened can not help but notice that everywhere the practitioners of’ The Religion Of Peace’ migrate to in large numbers the area turns to shit. Of course the liberal lackeys,lapdogs, and groveling apologists of Islam in the political class will as usual try to explain the situation away as cultural differences and plead for more ‘understanding’ and ‘tolerance’.

  3. This comes as no surprise since the British media also buried the news of the Muslim riots in Sweden last month. They routinely bury any negative news concerning Muslims, but will go to any lengths to portray them as innocent victims.

    Blacks get similar treatment. When blacks rioted in Britain in 2011 the media refused to accept that the rioters were black. Everyone could see they were black apart from the leftoids who dominate the media.

  4. What a shame… The shoe is on the other foot, and they cry like bushpigs. I lived in Germany for 30 years and Hamburg became a no go area as it was Turkish controlled, a scary place to be. Hopefully the Germans have decided enough is enough and they follow suit like Switzerland recently has. Maybe then, those Plonkers Cameron and May will realise we do have a problem in the UK……..

  5. History is repeating itself again, in the 1920s Germany had a civil war with the communist trying to seize power by force, not we have the Moslems trying to intimidate the Germans by force.

  6. But it is still all controlled by the media who have removed the video because the lefties at “You Tube” who incifdentally also uspport and promote the PSNI /IRA in Ulster don’t like it! Truly freedom of speech I don’t think!!

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