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6 Replies to “NSA: “Someone should tell Kelly””

  1. This website has a loading problem, it seems. It never stops loading when I open it in some browsers. In fact I can easily ascertain this by opening the site in a tab in Opera, which has a feature at the address bar, that tells the user how many elements are loading when opening a website. This feature seems to get stuck regularly when opening your website, (which I have been noticing for about a week now) and hence the page never stops loading fully, until I hit the X to stop it from doing that.

    I have no trouble with other websites.

  2. This is the first I have heard of that. I wonder if its because I use a specific service that mirrors my site across the internet in order to mitigate the effects of the constant DDOS attacks I get.

  3. Too much scripts and different video sources on a single page, IMO. Basically that’s why there are too many elements loading on the homepage of this site. Which is basically why the homepage is slow to load and you have to wait ages before you can scroll down to view the rest of the content.

    I’ve seen similar shit on Pam Geller’s page, until I started blocking unnecessary ads or videos I didn’t want auto loading, and stuff like that. In Pamela’s case, this leaves me with none other than quick-loading text, annulling all the stupid attempts of her blowing her own trumpet in the the column on the right and other unnecessary, useless stuff that’s found there.

    I like Islam critical blogs, and this is one of them. People have a knack of making there own sites useless with overindulging in embedding stuff. Bad idea.

  4. But I don’t even play trumpet! And all the embedded video is directly related to the subject matter. I do apologize this leads to a bad experience though. I will try and figure out what to do about it. The embeds though really are not an indulgence they are the content.

  5. I am not a tech nerd by a long shot, and what you say is in fact true: all the embedded video is on topic. I have noticed however that video plugins tend to display videos from some servers more quickly than those from other servers which makes scrolling on some sites troublesome. I suppose as Net users and website developers alike, we’re very much on the crossroads of a whole entanglement of different browser developments gone awry which can’t be helped by us personally. On the other hand, I have noticed that blocking some elements, like in Pam’s case a whole right column containing embedded stuff, tends to alleviate the problems.

    It’s give and take, I suppose. Maybe some day Tech is going to rule mankind, rather than the other way round. I shudder to think…

    It’s not going to change the fact that this blog will remain in the speed dial, you know. 😉

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