“Corruption: Bonuses from the emir of Qatar to islamist leaders”

An original translation by C.B. Sashenka

From Kapitalis:

The Egyptian islamists, like their Tunisian “brothers”, fear God. But that does not prevent them from accepting bonuses of up to $850,000, like in the case of Dr. Mohammed Baltagi, granted by the emir of Qatar.

Egyptian internet users share on the social networks documents (with names and signatures) attesting to the attribution of “subsidies” and “gifts” by the ex-emir of Qatar, Hamad Bin Jassim Al-Thani, of enormous sums of money to various leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

One of the documents, dated March 28, 2013, bears the names of 15 leaders of the Moslem Brotherhood who would have received a total amount of “subsidies” and “gifts” worth $7,150,000 US.
These gifts vary between $850,000 for Dr. Mohammed Baltagi to $250,000 dollars for Mrs. Ezza Al-Garf (the share of the women being, of course, half that of the men).

The documents, found in the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters that were attacked these last days by opponents of deposed president Mohammed Morsi, should be authenticated, before constituting proof against those political leaders who accepted money from a foreign State and who, in so doing, make themselves guilty of high treason.
It is prohibited to us, us other Tunisians, to think that some leaders of Ennahdha, or even those of Congress for the Republic (CpR), pass their time in Doha accepting this kind of gift on behalf of the emir of Qatar.

One cannot, however, prevent us from thinking that these corrupt ways of the political islamist leaders of Muslim Brotherhood countries constitute the ways of the Qatari leaders. Shame on him who thinks evil of it.
The islamists, of course, are people who fear God… Perhaps not all.

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2 Replies to ““Corruption: Bonuses from the emir of Qatar to islamist leaders””

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