Format of this site.

I would welcome readers of this site to comment and advise please, on the way I have been formatting posts recently. I will explain my reasons later, but I would like to see how people feel about it especially as one valued reader has mentioned that it makes commenting on a specific article more difficult and therefore harder to get needed discussions going in the comments section.

It would be very helpful to see everyone’s thoughts on this please in the comments section in order to determine how best to go forwards. I will explain my reasoning later but I think the observation about commenting is a valid and important one.

Thank you.



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  1. “…one valued reader has mentioned that it makes commenting on a specific article more difficult and therefore harder to get needed discussions going in the comments section….”

    I actually agree. When I come across several articles in one post and feel like commenting, I hesitate – thinking “should I put a title or reference to my comment”…and then, considering our attention span these days, I get side tracked and have actually moved on without commenting.

    Having said this, I personally could get used to it – and, if the reason for you changing your formatting is, that it cuts your work, then it’s worth doing it that way. I actually thought, Eeyore is trying to save some time.

  2. Dude, your site is just fine. I love it! I frequently life articles and videos for us at my site Libertarian Republican careful to hat tip you, of course. But I gotta tell you. You seem to be way ahead of the curve on news from overseas and news on Islamofascism overall. My hearty congratulations. I honestly don’t know how you do it. You must have correspondents all over the place scanning foreign languages sites 24 hours a day.

    Good job.

    And a final note; Not all libertarians are like Ron Paulists. Many of us libertarians are pro-defense and fiercely anti-Islamist. We don’t want our pretty wives forced to wear ugly black burkas from head to toe, booze and gambling outlawed, our gay friends hung from lampposts and our marijuana smoking buddies jailed for life under Sharia.

    Eric Dondero, Fmr. Senior Aide
    US Cong. Ron Paul, 1997-2003
    Founder, Republican Liberty Caucus

  3. A daily news round up is a good idea, but keep it for news articles that are less important or are insufficiently detailed for us to yet provide valid comments.
    Any articles that are worthy of comments need to be kept as separate articles on their own.
    Also, to avoid off-topic comments being posted in the comments section, which can be distracting (I’m guilty of doing this, I know), it might be an idea to produce a daily open thread like ‘Moonbattery’ does.
    Better still..have your daily news thread as an open thread. Post your news items and then suggest that we either comment on these articles or provide news items of our own. That way, you can ‘hat-tip’ the best ones in threads of their own.

  4. Your multiple video posts cause browsers to crash. You need to separate each day. Loading up 10 video’s at a time is crap. And I didn’t even know we could comment. This is my first time finding the comment link.

  5. A number of my favorite sites have begun doing a news link round up, which is fine. I would simply clarify, in the comments section: Re: and then the specific article I’m commenting on.
    Also, Ace of Spades does this, because they also upload a lot of videos: They use a jump system, or ‘after the fold’ where the video is, that way the page loads smoothly.

  6. Do not change a thing IMHO the truth is what many of us seek,, and we know that the MSM (i.e. the government media complex) is the last place we will find it.

  7. I think the new format is likely to hurt your “comments” function. I know it’s no big deal to write:

    – re article number three –

    and then comment from there, but in the real world, that will cause a certain percentage of people to stop commenting. It’s usually quite hard to get people to comment on sites as it is, so I would be leery of anything that tended to discourage commenting…

  8. The new format allows you to put more info out for us to read, yes it can make commenting harder but we can learn to live with the changes.

  9. I agree with Richard and zaba. We need the information among all the desinformation (=lying or incompetence) in the traditional mediaworld.
    And Eeyore, may I ask how many visitors your blog have on a daily bases?

  10. Oh and another thing: I often twitter your posts which I think might tickle the fancy of my readers. But with the attention span of twitterers probably being even shorter than that of a humming bird on speed, I hesitate to twitter a more than one post at the time.

  11. Vlad mate, keep it up, any wanker who cant afix a number possibly shouldn’t be heard, just a thought mate

  12. The commenting is a little harder, but I like the short blocks of a few headlines with a short blurb and a pic or video as the preview for each. Some sites just cram all the headlines together as hyperlinks and that makes it hard to navigate, and visibly unappealing. So long as it doesn’t go that route I dig it.

  13. As a site where you receive information on a wide variety of topics and fast changing events, and find articles and videos not published elsewhere, you do a superb job and I’d advise anyone to check here for information or catch up with current issues.

    That said I don’t feel the format is user friendly for posters, for reasons stated by others as those with a limited amount of time have difficulty doing justice to the sheer amount of articles covering a vast number of topics which appear at the same time.

    It depends on which direction you want to go – a news and information site, or a forum where posters have time to select and comment on particular articles without feeling overwhelmed by the volume or feeling discouraged from posting as one topic is immediately overtaken by others, leaving posters feeling their comments are obsolete as soon as they make them.

    If readers are bombarded with a series of fast flowing articles or headlines which contain little further information, it hinders discussion and an exchange of opinion,so a balance needs to be struck between provision of news and information and a forum for further comment or opinion.

    Many sites have difficulty combining the two so I generally use different sites to obtain news and information, and other sites to comment or debate issues. Others may feel different but I prefer commenting on articles where information is provided which I can agree or dispute, and agree or disagree with other posters, and gain further information in the process..

    Sites that focus on providing snippets of information and numerous headlines with little further information do have a role to play, but I seldom post there unless the two functions of providing news or information and providing a forum for opinions have an element of separation which encourages comment and debate while allowing those who only wish to browse to do so. I value the hard work and the information available on this site, but I think the balance could be adjusted to provide more detailed information on fewer topics to encourage further comment and opinion on those issues, but I’ll continue visiting whichever direction you take.

  14. Oy, EDL buck – you calling me a ‘wanker’? ! watch it 😉

    Eeyore – the main question: what do YOU prefer? Why have you changed the format? I think it would be good to know and our comments would be more informed.

  15. I have no problems with multiple issues on a thread. In fact, it increases the number of issues that are visible before being consigned to the archives. This way, each issue does not require a thread of its own, many of which may not elicit any response. In addition, if it saves time its a welcome byproduct.

  16. First of all, thank you everyone for your contributions here. I have read them all, and have thought about them all.

    1. It isnt about less work its about the fact that the amount of relevant and important info on these issues has grown so much that what was once a prized info-nugget of 7 years ago is now ‘pot-boiler’ material today but no less deserving of attention. Also, that the old format would end up pushing fairly new posts back into the ‘view older posts’ dimension of lost information very quickly as this site has a fixed number of posts before it pushes them back. I think its 10. So this format allows me to present more material in the present.

    2. Thank you very much. My problem with Ron Paul is he has a naive view of foreign policy that would result in global civilizational collapse. Just read Chinese history, especially the Sung Dynasty, to know what policies of isolationism do by advanced nations. If the US were to become non-interventionist the number of wars and influence of pirates and pirate states would grow rapidly resulting in a new dark age. IMO of course.

    3. Yes I like those ideas. I will think on how to implement them. I have already placed a ‘recent comments widget’ in the sidebar but I have no idea if or how it works yet.

    4. Interesting about the videos. I am lucky enough to have a fibre connection but I had forgotten about what it was like before having one. I will try and think of a solution, maybe less videos or under the fold. I did try and make the comments button larger but 3 of us cannot figure out how to do that so, i give up. But there is a comment link its just very small.

    5. ditto

    6. Instead of re story three why not write, #3 – ?

    7. Martin G: It has fallen a LOT since the DDOS attacks started. Now its just over 4K a day.

    8. EDL Buck: Thank you as always for your time in the data-mine. As you can see, I, and all her appreciate it a lot.

    9 Tarbock: I would like to be both. I enjoy reading the comments a lot, (Iftikhar’s pastes not withstanding) but there is so much now that needs to be posted as a matter of record and that is relevant to previous issues and events that I had to find a way to present it all while the number of hours in a day remains fixed at 24. So this is what I have arrived at for the moment. I do think there are trade offs and I am in discussion with people who know websites and WP and so on who are helping me try and address some of the issues raised.

    Thank you all for taking the time to comment. I will continue to serve the counter-jihad community in the best way I am able of course. So all observations and suggestions gratefully accepted.

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