Links and news for July 9 2013 – 1

1. His name is Fethullah Gulen and he resides not in the wilds of southern Turkey – but the mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. (we will be publishing more on him soon)

2. Middle England must listen to Tommy Robinson. (A worthy read)

3. This article on the one hand demonstrates the folly of multiculturalism rather brilliantly. But on the other hand, is one of the most excellent examples of how Darwinian evolution works that I have yet seen.

4. In Somalia, Ramadan starts with a bang! 

5. On IQ and race. Still taboo no matter what the science says.

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  1. Asking questions about Fethullah Gulen and his US sponsors seems to be a more productive path than endless reporting on Islamic violence. Gulen is particularly interesting because one of the people who personally vouched for him was Graham Fuller. Perhaps more time should be spent on the intellectual arrogance of certain Americans who, at least publicly, advocate trying to liberalize a religion that is many centuries older than this country.

    The ignorance of both history and the role that religion has played in it is stunning. Culture does matter, and religion, to a large extent, determines culture. Not sure what I think about Robert Spencer, but as a Catholic, he has an advantage in understanding this.

  2. One of the reasons I endlessly report on Islamic atrocities is because the distinction between crime and policy, or crime and an act of political aggression, or a criminal act and an act of war must be pointed out at every opportunity. To see what Muslims do, what the motive is, how it affects the host population and how it is treated is the central point of this site.

    Initially I didn’t want to do any editorializing. The plan was to state a premise as I did in the Agenda and Views of this Site, and then present an abundance of evidence for that position.

    As time has moved on I have branched out from that but the point remains. I do hope however at this stage muslims themselves have made this point to a sizable fraction of the non-muslim population. So this allows some latitude for me to branch out.

    There will be much more on the Gulen schools soon if my sources are correct. There is a mini series being done on them that with some luck and hard work may be released soonish.

  3. Race and IQ

    I read 1/3rd of the Bell Curve. IQ rates for everyone are going up. At some point they the curve for any specific group will “knee over” (the graph will have knee in it).

    People who score 70 now would probably score 90 or 100 on the 1st IQ tests of the 1920s or 1930s.

    They have moved the bar on what IQ 100 is a few to several times.

    I expect IQs to go up in Africa and other places as society has less graft and corruption and the like. We might have to wait until the end of the war with Salafis. Then gain we might no win that war and eventually we’ll be reduced to throwing stones at each other. Kind of hard to smelt metal for swords when there are no trees. But that seems to be the way the Muslim world is going.

    Until i see studies of how this or that gene variant (allele) make someone “slower” I will not believe it. I think it is memes for the most part and not genes. But memes will carry the day if if certain groups see that to maximize their profit can be achieved by keeping other people down. Genes and people work that way.

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