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4 Replies to “Egyptians seem to be resentful of the Obama admin’s support of Morsi”

  1. Egypt is being shepherded into a death spiral.

    It has been obvious for a while that the Arab Spring, and now the ousting of the MB, is all part of the war that began in earnest after 9/11.

    Egypt’s economy was in dire straits in the first place. After the fall of Mubarek, it started to fall even faster. The present crisis has all but sealed Egypt’s fate.

    Egypt cannot pay its debts. It cannot pay for the oil it need to import, or the food it requires. Egypt is going stew till it cries for Uncle Sam and Aunty EU.

    Now some may think that Pres Obama has sympathy for the MB. Whether he does or not hardly matters. The strategic war policy had been laid out and agreed by all NATO countries post 9/11. Pres Obama cannot change that, and if he tries, he will fall.

    We are all trapped in this war that started in earnest after 9/11. I have termed it as the The last Crusade. I recall that Pres Bush inadvertently let slip of a Crusade, but quickly backtracked when he realised his mistake.

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