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15 Replies to “Tommy Robinson threatened with arrest if he re tweets death threats directed at him.”

  1. A reasonable response: to want the death threats as widely known as possible. They exist. They are dangerous. Important to get the word out as widely as possible about the existence of the death threats. Otherwise what is next? Rapes not to be publicized as it distresses people to know of them? And if there’s a murderer in the area, silence is necessary? People get so distressed when they hear of this.

  2. Sounds like someone on the inside of “bedspolice” has something to hide. I hope that Tommy took note of the identity and badge number of the individual who contacted him with this threat. If he did, perhaps he should publicise the officer’s identity to see if this individual has a history/connections he’d rather was not revealed to superiors.

  3. Elsa asks: “Otherwise what is next? ”

    Declaration by Camoron that the slaughter and decapitation of Lee Rigby had nothing to do with islam… wait a minute… hmmm

  4. Doesn’t Tommy have access to lawyers? Tell those cops to initiate sex with themselves. Seems like a pretty toothless threat. Mind you I don’t live in Pansyville.

  5. We should not have a law of ‘hurt feelings’.

    It means the accused becomes guilty with no chance of a defense as soon as a complaint is made.

    The basis of ‘hurt feelings’ is entirely subjective on the part of the complainant. The complainant does not have to prove ‘hurt feelings’…thus, instant conviction.

  6. state censorship comes to the net.
    are plod so embarrased by their lack of action that they have to hide the crime?
    i’d call that aiding and abbetting a criminal.

  7. A fantastic, surreal situation.

    British lackeys doing the dirty work for their MuBro masters.

    Here’s the plan:

    A…”grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

    “By their hands…”

    The infidel Brits are eager to please their oriental masters. They even assist them in eliminating their patriots.

    What’s left of once great Britain is handed on a silver platter to the Mohammedan proletariat that came to eliminate them.

  8. Please get those death threat tweets out so that others can retweet them, put them on blogs, send them in emails, put them on youtube, perhaps even some eithical moral journalists will write articles about this, that is if there are any of them left…working…
    They can’t arrest everyone in the blogsphere, so if he can copy them and get his buddies to tweet them

  9. Britain is so far gone it is embarrassing. The stuff British authorities are coming out with now makes a dictatorship look like paradise. British officials are traitors, if this was 1000 years ago a mob would take them to the Tower of London & chop off their heads.

  10. Give them to your Attourney and allow him to retweet them. Or find a sympathetic journalist, you might have to go outside the UK, and have them published.

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