IED threat to Britain as fanatic Anjem Choudary recruits vigilante squads

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 Danger is not Improvised Explosive Devices but
hate preacher’s Islamic Emergency Defence mob

Anjem Choudary
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Published: 11 hrs ago

HATE preacher Anjem Choudary is backing a Muslim group that stood accused last night of stoking vigilante violence on Britain’s streets.

The fanatical cleric is urging his followers to sign up as recruits to the newly-launched Islamic Emergency Defence — which vows to create a network of “task forces” to redress wrongs and mete out instant justice.

And last night the group was accused of mocking Britain’s war dead — just by its initials.

Anjem Choudary Islamic Emergency Defence tweet

Support … hate preacher Anjem Choudary condones Islamic Emergency Defence group

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4 Replies to “IED threat to Britain as fanatic Anjem Choudary recruits vigilante squads”

  1. This filth will try anything,he knows that in”soft-touch” Britain he’ll get away with it.

  2. In my opinion he is “state intelligence asset”. There can no other plausible explanation.
    Either security services or police informant.Whatever he does whatever security threat he causes he seems to have immunity.Where as people like Tommy Robinson are imprisoned routinely for any trivial excuse.Our gov is probably happy with the few crumbs of intelligence they can derive from this character and more importantly his contacts.(That’s how they found Bin Laden! By tracking communications). What would be interesting is if he ever pushes his immunity envelope so far that his protected status becomes obvious even to the most demented leftist.

  3. If al Qaeda wants open war by 2016 this is a good way to achieve that goal, either the police respond which gives them the excuse to increase terror attacks or the non Moslem neighborhoods are forced to create their own militia/vigilante groups in self defense.

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