Links and news for June 24 2013 – 2

1. Six arrested in France during terror sweep (H/T M)

2. Neutered Kadish, an odd sect of suicide Jew, learns the hard way that Islam’s hatred of Jews, like Hitlers, really have nothing to do with geopolitics. Somehow I doubt he and the rest of his cult will get the message. If they can’t read Koran, they should at least read Darwin.

3. Thirteen years for illegal immigrant who broke the neck of a young ballet star in a violent street mugging (Mohamed coefficient: 200%!)

4. At least someone is following the story of the 100 + year old church that was burned right down by arson in Australia. The pastor who runs the church is a well known islamic sympathizer and althogh he knows who robbed Australia of this part of it’s heritage he will not say. But the new Party for Freedom in Oz has been keeping tabs on this issue.

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  1. OT
    On the interview of Robert Spence by BBC Asia.

    There is an assumption that BBC journo was fair, as he also gave a tough time to the imam.

    I don’t believe this is the case. As in all BBC interviews, the interview is a setup to reflect and propagate BBC views. The BBC is now concerned, that after the slaughter of fusilier Lee Rigby, it is being perceived as Islamo-friendly, and not impartial, as it is required to be, while persons like Robert Spencer, are correct.

    The setup was as follows. The BBC invited Robert Spencer, a person who is expert on Islamic doctrine, who links the violence endemic in Islam to its texts. They then invited an imam who would provide expert rebuttal. The BBC interviewer could then sit back as a genuinely neutral person, assenting to the imams views, as if being swayed by his force of arguments. The BBC grets of the hook, while still demonizing Islam critics.

    To the utter surprise of the BBC journo, the imam refused to debate koranic violence pointed out by Mr Spencer. Quite understandable, as he knows that he cant. This left the BBC setup in total disarray. Listen to the interview again. What is evident, is the anger of the BBC journo directed at the imam, for not knowing the subject he is supposed to be expert on, and fpr which he was specifically invited.

    The BBC journo was left high and dry, its tactic in total disarray. He could not take on Robert Spencer on the topic that he was invited for, so had to switch the attack on the EDL.

    Never ever trust the BBC, even when it appears that it is being neutral.

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