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4 Replies to “Israel Under Attack: IAF responds to renewed rocket attacks with airstrikes on Gaza Hamas targets”

  1. Can Egypt respond?

    I read somewhere that there was starvation in Egypt. I don’t quite believe that unless they be a Christian or a Shia.

    The Foreign currency exchange went up 3 billion but only because the Qatari gave them 3 billion. Otherwise, the Egyptian government would be barely treading water economically. It is bad enough that some faction in Hamas, a creation of Egypt, wants to play kiss and make up with the Iranians, who are quite put off and are playing coy.

    Fuel subsidies are 16% of the Indonesian government’s budget. Egypt lowered their subsidies, but without foreign investment and tourism, where is their economy going to go? So will they help Hamas to divert attention although they have no economic staying power?

  2. Egypt isn’t going to try and stop Hamas from attacking Israel.

    The only way Egypt can feed its people is for the wealthy nations to give them money and food, the starvation is Egypt is just starting, wait until later this summer.

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