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12 Replies to “BBC shill argues with Tommy Robinson against freedom of speech”

  1. The thing is that the truth about Islam is extremely offensive to Islam itself. Mohammed and his boys tried and failed to rob the Meccan caravan five or six times, and only managed to do it by attacking during the holy months when raiding was prohibited. They cut off their hair to look like pilgrims and then killed the caravan guys at the watering hole. Nice, eh? That’s the truth and it ain’t pretty, is it.

    The tolerant Meccan authorities were entirely justified in seeking Mohammed Abdallah on charges of murder, rape, armed robbery, raiding during the holy months, extreme blasphemy, sedition, high treason, and terrorism. The truth is that Mohammed was the most dangerous criminal in all of Araby and anyone who worships him needs to be looked at very carefully…

  2. All interesting information, actually more than I want to know.. As the saying goes “everything I wanted to know about islam, I learned on 9/11. However, It is very disappointing to listen to BBC staff and knowing their agenda. You would assume that these people are native born Brits, but they sure sound like “Useful Idiots”, traitors,subversives, islamist, cowards. It is truly disgusting to hear them take the side of the enemy. Reprehensible P.O.S.

  3. “Why does the BBC insist on promoting islam?”

    Perhaps they like the “fringe benefits” like the koranically sanctified paedophilia?

  4. We all know why they do not want Robert Spencer in the UK.He would answer any question from the dhimmi BBC with an exact quote from Arabic source material.He would out class any “scholar” they put up against him.And once more he will quote from memory.The other nightmare for the BBC is Ms Geller who has one of the most media charismatic screen persona’s i have seen.The government cronies and elite leftists will be praying that they can stop the truth from coming to the UK.Spencer and Geller coming to the UK reminds me of the “matrix”. The leftist multiculti propaganda induced coma in which all UK citizens are cocooned is about to be broken………

  5. James asks “Why does the BBC insist on promoting islam?”

    The Rule of The House: the effective domination and coercion of every population, is the Triune. Every time.

    The Goddess of Life, Daughter of Fruit and Spirit of Love; became God of Creation, Son of Purpose, and Holy Ghost of Mechanics. These same priests just changed their tunics and tunes for their government.

    When nations got wealthy they moved from worrying about material poverty onto avoiding Eternal Poverty. One irrationality transposed on the another.

    Now we have removed the fear of the Earth, the Fear of God, we have only remaining the fear of man. Man who was beginning to be understood as the same, that every child needed good soil and to be protected to unfurl in their own natural time.

    Mankind from The West’s 18th Century’s Age of Reason, to the irrational Age of Social Politics in the 19th, and to the ‘unsane’ of Age of Diversity in the 20th. Mind, body and soul. Sprouted then corrupted. Look what happened to Jesus’ story. Leprechauns forgive us!

    And the planet is for the taking. If you can divide humans on a pretext of skin, head shape, gender, stimulation; then you can have not One God to lead them, but One World Government to bless and endow favors to equal all.

    You can’t destabilize any country unless you promote division and send in your spies and special forces.

    Communism and Nazism came out of chaos. They did not endure, because they then sought order.

    You cannot have order and remain in power.

    Well this time they’ve learned. Now it’s the turn of “Bright”, “Gay” and NuSocialism. Creating the Model Citizen who is all Intellect, predilect and circumspect.

    The priests just changed their tunics and tunes for the government.

    So to Islam:

    Intellect: Islam is about memorizing the Koran. So stupid, that all Universities will one day have degrees in it.
    Predilect: Islam brings vulva-envy. To derive pleasure in upsetting others. Having sex after a girl’s first menses, is honorable. (Feminism is penis-envy and homoeroticism is the inversion of the two)
    Circumspect: Islam is divisive between their sects and has the same rules for enforcing citizen-mediocrity with their religious police.

    What’s not to like? They are from the same kingdom! Bring them in. When has a Caliphate, ever had a leader who was a sincere 100% practitioner and not like the peatiness of the finest Scots whisky? Never will, because at the top they each become Mohammad himself, and make their own rules up as they go along.

    The only people in get their face are the Jews. These struggling people who teach that family-life is the way, and not for a pottage of booty somewhere in your closet or your particular heaven. No wonder they look funnily at you when your families are disintegrating all around you. Proverbs 5 http://achildcansee.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/the-bedrock-of-society/

    “Why does the BBC insist on promoting islam?”

    Anthrophobia, the fear of humans, the fear of being human.

  6. They’re not afraid. Look at all the Muslims promoted to high places. In Eire they promoted the leadership of the IRA to political office. They are friends of those who rip out and eat hearts.

    It is we who should be afraid. If we don’t belong to a preferred group, we are the target.

    In China, any person who did not look at their feet or up with dull eyes was shot.

    A glimmer of light from your mind, and you’re done for.

    They know each other. That’s the link. The masses ruled by paralysis of self-inhibition. More of the children to go ’round… for a dead soul has to feed for a sense of life.

    That’s probably why zombie movies are so popular. We’re being told about them to our face; to implant fear and heighten our suggestibility; not knowing what we were being conditioned to run from is making us to jump into. The physical clatter of sticks to make us take flight to an inner Peace, where there is no peace.

  7. Tommy didi a great job with the vitriol of the host….the tone of his hatred, whatever, it wreaks of nastiness…..I suspect he has trouble with his sexual energy, he may have hemroids, and may be frustrated due to not being able to take it in the ars….

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