Links and News for June 21 2013 – 2

1. EDL Blogtalk Radio June 21 2013

Listen to internet radio with East Anglian EDL Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio

2. New Iranian President’s Son Committed Suicide Over Father’s Extremism

3. Building permission for new grand mosque in Malmö. “There will be calls to prayer”.

(I suppose this means that there will be what I call, ‘a tard tower’ on it.)

4. ‘Offensive to Muslims’: Dem congressman calls on FBI to take down photos of terrorists

5. It seems that a giant container ship broke and sank and lost what is apparently a crap load of high end weapons to Al-Qaeda in Syria from the USA 

(I hope to have much more on this once our Russians have had a chance to go over the material.)

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10 Replies to “Links and News for June 21 2013 – 2”

  1. Russia does not want the USA to aid the questionable ‘rebels’, due to the fact they have a large Muslim problem . What make one think that these arms would stay in Syria and not end up in Chechnya or another Russian province killing Police and innocent civilians? it is another one of our ‘Dear Leaders’ ‘fast and furious’ debacles?

  2. 11 Russian on the container ship. Maybe some are occasional agents for the KGB successor.

    What does it take to sink a ship? What does it take to sink a ship with poor maintenance? I don;t know. I could flood the engine room using a wrench. But that would be easily discovered and fixed. But if you gave a crew multiple emergencies?

  3. Every jihadist that dies in Syria is a bonus for Russian. That is fewer that return or go to Chechnya or Dagestan. It is also a bonus for Europe and the U.S.

    The Russians understand this. The Democrats and others on the left do not.

  4. “Tard towers”?

    I like minarets aesthetically. At least I did in the past. But they are overdone, too much of one architectural style. But here is the kicker. I view minarets the same way I view beards, any beards. Sure beards were common during the civil War. They look cool. but the association with jihadis is so strong that I don’t like to see a beard on anyone anymore. It just raises my hackles.

    And they give a stupid reason for having beards. to show that you are masculine and not feminine. A person should be self assured. If you need a beard to prove or assure yourself that you are masculine, then you aint a man.

  5. Rush Limbaugh covered McDermott’s treason.

    Representative McDermott is to the U.S. what former MP Galloway is to Britain.

    My take on McDermott is not so much that he is a convinced leftist as he is a coward. He points his finger up in the air and tries to determine which way the wind is blowing.

    If he sees the jihadists are losing he will not join us. He will be in full CYA mode to protect his reputation and self esteem knowing that he does not have to join us because we don’t do much to traitors.

  6. Where does McDermott get his money?

    “On March 31, 2008, Chief Judge Thomas Hogan of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia ordered McDermott to pay Boehner $1.05 million in attorney’s fees, costs and interest. McDermott also paid over $60,000 in fines and close to $600,000 in his own legal fees”

    Jim is 76 years old. Like a good Democrat Rancher he will die in office like Ted Kennedy. The best thing that McDermott can do is pass away of natural causes and be written up by historians as a traitor and a coward.

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