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6 Replies to “Tommy Robinson speaks about how the BBC essentially deceived him when they invited him on their ‘Free Speech’ show.”

  1. I haven’t seen this video until you pointed it out:

    It starts with an unsupported question at 11:00. The ‘host’ allowed gang attack against one person and even told him “Tommy let this other person speak” while he was tying to ask one simple question. Then they kept the mic on Tommy while the host waves him off like he wasn’t important saying, ‘now we are addressing the wider issues.’


    The Mic on Tommy was the key. They were hoping he would snap under the assault.
    It was a 30 minute show with Tommy never getting a simple question he asked over and over again for 15 minutes.

  2. Here is the video the so called host was taking about:
    I don’t know what was said or who said it.
    IF that is the best evidence they got they are drawing at straws.

  3. Just because he expects to be ambushed doesn’t mean he can’t or shouldn’t complain about it, in fact he should release a video attacking the ambush every time it happens.

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