Links and news for June 11 – 3

1. German report: Berlin hub of Hizb’allah activity

2. A bit of background for the video posted a couple of entries below.

From EDL Buck:

(Bit of background in Ashton vid) Muslims attack White youths in England
This is a video that has been taken in Ashton Under Lyne, England that shows a gang of Muslim youths attacking a group of white kids. Just before the filming had started one of the muslim youths had punched one of the white girls in the face. This is becoming a regular occurence on the streets of the UK.

3.  Comment under the video at LiveLeak:

Comment at the live leak vid; I literally had to make an account just so I could comment to tell you how ignorant you’re all being.

The white people in this video go to my school, they’re in year 9, meaning they’re 13-14, they were waiting for a bus home at a bus stop in a place called West End in Ashton, which is largely known to be populated by Muslims (this isn’t a racist comment about how they’re “taking over” it’s a statistical fact.)

We’ve had to learn about it in human geography at school (I’m in year11 and I’m 15) and directly behind where the girl is filming there is a mosque. It’s a rough area and a lot of racial attacks go on here, mostly aimed at white people.), I personally know the people who got attacked and they are not racists, the girl who got punched is not brown and just basically looks like a tanned white person, but she isn’t and she is not of full British descent and she almost moved out of our school earlier this year for receiving racist comments, she is anything but racist.

The white girl is screaming in terror – even saying “excuse me” to get the attention of the person who has just punched her/her friend – and the boys, instead of retaliating when they get a cricket bat swung at them, still only try and hold the Muslims back instead of punching them, before getting scissor kicked against a bus stop.

How any of you can try and still, after this footage, try and turn it on the British kids is beyond me. You’re fucking moronic. And to the person who said the British kids probably threw something at a “car they were walking back to” are you for real, the attackers are only around 15/16, they don’t drive and they don’t own a car.

This was a racist attack and today police searched one of the Muslims here in this video at his school and found a weapon on him because they were planning on coming down to our school to get my friends again. Don’t be so fucking ignorant to just ‘blame the white kids’ especially since I suspect not one of you live in this area. Wow people can be narrow-minded

4. Israel plans to deport illegal immigrants by gradual use of a 3rd African nation. Once again the Israelis lead the way.

5. US considers taking in large amount of Syrian refugees.

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4 Replies to “Links and news for June 11 – 3”

  1. With Gaddafi gone, Jihad flying strong!

    Bomb found under Italian embassy car in Libya (BBC, June 11, 2013):
    “A bomb has been found under an Italian embassy car in Libya’s capital Tripoli.

    Diplomats had parked the car and gone shopping in the central Zawiyat Dahmani area when the driver noticed the device, officials said.

    Police cordoned the area off and the bomb exploded, causing damage mainly to the back of the car. No-one was killed or injured….”

  2. We are all going to see attacks like this in all nations, unfortunately the media will cover for the tards until it is too late.

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