EXCLUSIVE: Jailed filmmaker vows to finish film wrongly blamed for Benghazi attack

I have been looking for news on this guy for a while.

H/T Taffy in Canada

FOX News:


Published June 10, 2013


Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, seen here in September being escorted out of his home in Cerritos, Calif., told FoxNews.com he doesn’t consider himself as a political prisoner and refused to call himself a scapegoat for the deadly siege that killed four Americans last year in Benghazi, Libya. (Bret Hartman/Reuters)

EXCLUSIVE: The controversial filmmaker whose crude Internet trailer was wrongly blamed by the White House for sparking last year’s deadly Benghazi attack vowed to finish his movie, which he said is aimed at fighting terrorism, not denigrating Islam.Breaking his silence from inside a facility under the authority of the federal Bureau of Prisons in southern California, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula told FoxNews.com in a series of phone interviews that his film “Innocence of Muslims” has been widely misunderstood, and not just in being singled out as causing the Sept. 11, 2012, attack that left U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans dead.

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Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/06/10/exclusive-jailed-filmmaker-vows-to-finish-film-wrongly-blamed-for-benghazi/#ixzz2Vs5bombw

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3 Replies to “EXCLUSIVE: Jailed filmmaker vows to finish film wrongly blamed for Benghazi attack”

  1. “…whose crude Internet trailer was wrongly blamed by the White House…”

    With Arab-funded journalism like this, who needs lobbyists. We all know the White house lied. There was no ‘wrong blame, we made a mistake’. They knowingly lied.

    He doesn’t consider himself a scape goat? It’s like seeing a Chinese prisoner leaving his cell and not blaming his Dear Leader.

    Hold on. This is China.

  2. This whole senerio is hideous and typical of the osama bureauocracy
    I can hardly wait to distribute copies of this film to everyone I know, who again will
    send it on and on and on,
    Like the many many people who will watch it and support it
    No comment on China, the least of all the insanities around the world…

  3. This whole scenario is out of 1984 and similar books, unfortunately as in the books most people ignore the oppression and lose of freedom because they think they are being kept safe by the oppression.

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