Russia: Religious insult laws a threat to free expression

This from Article 19, a freedom of the press watchdog.

Article 19:



ARTICLE 19 urges politicians to reject plans that will make the ‘insult of religious beliefs and feelings’ a criminal offence in Russia.

Proposals that will be considered by the State Duma tomorrow (11 June 2013) if adopted, will create a prohibition of the defamation of religions in violation of international human rights standards, and in particular in relation to the right to freedom of expression.

The amendments are widely seen to be a reaction to the Pussy Riot case, in which members of the group performed a ‘punk prayer’ inside a Moscow cathedral to protest about the relationship between President Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church.

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4 Replies to “Russia: Religious insult laws a threat to free expression”

  1. Religions vs Thought Crimes.

    No new religion will ever again rise. Strangled at birth with their new light of revelation; while the old will wither as proselytizing is made illegal. Your religion will be your imprint of ethnicity. A division of Labor. The Muslim the storm troopers, the Sikhs their rear guard so they can’t turn back, the Hindus the administrators, the Christians the apologists . Like the Corporations, only those religions who pay-in, will be allowed to survive.

    The Religious Jews will not endure slavery, as their history is about escaping it. The Cultural Jews will advertize and promote ‘Peace and Socialism’ in the media and disown Jehovah’s cause. However, the State is always blind to the difference between the two.

    America will declare itself a “non-white” and not get involved as that would be a “White Preference” thing to do; eventually being know as the world’s hugest and poorest ghetto inviting African Dictators around the table to discuss new packages of aid for The Projects, siphoned off by the Community Leaders.

    Be quick therefore to make vagina-worship and the “Monologues” a Holy Book.

    It is? You need a Trinity, dammit. Goddess, Daughter and Holy Crap. Gaia, get Gaia. You’ve got 80% femen in the country already who’ll go for it.

    Deadline 11th June 2013.

    Sorry. After then, posts like this will be illegal.

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