Two items on the current race to ending individual right to expression and religion in the USA and the world.

Diana West wrote this article on what seems to be the US administrations galloping implementation of sharia norms and the rapid destruction of US constitutional ones.

As I often say to myself when thinking about these subjects, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day. But it was burned down in one’

By coincidence, I happened to have been pointed to the OIC chair’s recent interview on Al Jazeera TV published yesterday and noticed that while he is a very smooth talker, his arguments are rather full of misdirection, lies and logical fallacies, which of course they would have to be in order to achieve the intellectual slight of hand that the OIC is working towards, namely the replacement of actual individual rights to freedom of conscience and expression with medieval blasphemy laws.

Dealing with them all would make a video that would rival The Lord of the Rings so I just chose to address a few of the less obvious ones.

The whole interview is here:

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3 Replies to “Two items on the current race to ending individual right to expression and religion in the USA and the world.”

  1. Just another Tequiya sunrise, with OIC chair Echimeledin Insaneglue muttering in his Tequiya shorthand, that people are free to criticize religion…AS LONG AS it does not involve portraying Mohammed as a terrorist with a bomb on his head.

    But mum’s the word when it comes to not only criticizing other religions (ie, publishing virulently hateful anti-semitic cartoons, broadcasting Elders of Zion throughout the Muslim world, and teaching and training Muslim kids to hate others from birth) but also when it comes to raping, torturing and killing members of other religions or muslim apostates – all in conformity with Islam, to be guaranteed a spot in Mohammed’s hedonistic brothel-like Islamic paradise.

    Echimeledin refers to “abusive freedom” when it insults only Islam. Insulting and killing non-Muslims are not considered abusive acts because they are in accordance with Shariah Law, with the islamic interpretation of freedom (meaning from man-made laws) and justice (meaning according to Shariah law), where non-muslims are looked upon as inferior worthless beings subordinate to Muslims.

    Also, Echimeledin claims that “we” Muslims are free for discussion, criticism, and for debate…. Really? Hmmm, Sayyid Qutb, the founding father of modern Jihad wrote this in his Milestones: “We must return to it”, referring to Islam at the time of Mohammed (when it was at its purest, free from Jahiliyyah or ignorance of Allah’s guidance) “with a sense of instruction for obedience and action, and not for academic discussion and enjoyment.”

    Discussion or criticism is not allowed in Islam, Mr. Insaneglue, only blind obedience to Shariah. Choosing otherwise means death. A strict adherence to Islam is all about obedience, observance and submission.

    Where have those Tequila sunrises gone? Let’s bring them back. Now.

  2. Imporant article from Gulf News about The Rise and Fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UAE.

    1. If they do this everywhere, it is fantasy to think we are the only place they aren’t doing this.
    2. They function in every country with 3 groups: 1 is citizens of the country 2 is a secret cell of egyptian MB and 3 IS A CENTRAL GROUP IN NEW YORK CITY.

    There’s a lot of other juicy stuff. The UAE has put these people on trial for trying to subvert and launch attacks onthe country AND they found that there ARE terrorist groups associated directly with them (other than Al Quada of course).

    Here’s the article. I think you should link to it as they behave the same ways in all countries – so it indicates that this is what they are up to here as well.

  3. This is a great quote on Youtube:
    “Two-thirds of humanity suffers from ‘Islamophobia disease’: Turkey’s religious head (hurriyetdailynews, March 25, 2013)”

    I bet he is right. 2/3 of humanity fears Islam. Phobia obviously not if it is 2/3.

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