Swedish political duplicity hits a whole new level.

This may be the strangest thing I ever said, this politician is lucky he’s already dead.

After a lengthy chat with Tundra Tabloids I have these two points to add to this video.

1. There are probably a lot more duplicitous politicians in Europe and the EU than we previously thought as opposed to ‘true believers’ in the multi-culti narrative who are willing to sell out their countries, their peoples, and their histories for a mediocre career in politics.

2. Europe could learn a lot from the French Revolution.

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7 Replies to “Swedish political duplicity hits a whole new level.”

  1. The only thing that is special with this video, is that the politician was extremely stupid letting himself get caught by the hidden camera. But he had nothing to fear. The medias and the other politicians from ALL parties – except Sverigedemokraterna – would have protected him. Spooky and somewhat frightening?

  2. Snaphanen, you were faster than me to correct my mistake (The blog has been down for some hours.) . The video was produced by the Swedish Television – program title something like “mission to investigate”. I thought that it had been produced by a freelancer.
    Most sorry.

  3. Yep they know what they are doing. They are not completely stupid for the most part. Just willing to do what they feel they have to in order to gain power, even if it means social suicide for their own nation. Very sick indeed.

  4. “… this politician is lucky he’s already dead.”

    Or perhaps we are the lucky ones. And, perhaps, we would be even luckier if at least the “public” personas of politicians would die off.

    (the plural of “persona” is probably “personi”…ah well..

  5. You don’t want a new French Revolution, that was where Karl Marx got this ideas from, you want a conservative revolution (like the US) that will restore rights, liberal revolutions (like the French on) tried to discover new rights and ended in a dictatorship.

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