Turkey finds sarin gas in homes of suspected Syrian Islamists – reports



Published time: May 30, 2013 16:56
Edited time: May 31, 2013 12:02

Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front who were previously detained, Turkish media reports. The gas was reportedly going to be used in a bomb.

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2 Replies to “Turkey finds sarin gas in homes of suspected Syrian Islamists – reports”

  1. Despite over 200 years of modern chemistry, Sarin was only developed in the mid-twentieth century. It’s complex molecule is beyond the abilities of your average home amateur chemist, and almost certainly beyond the grasp of your average Musloid fuckwit.
    Sarin can’t be made by stuffing fertilizer into a pressure cooker or mixing nail varnish and hair bleach. Its manufacture requires specialist knowledge and access to the right equipment.
    This is a sign that somebody somewhere has sold this stuff to them. Maybe this is some of the WMDs that Saddam is supposed to have had before he quickly disposed of them in Syria.
    It makes you wonder what else these goons have got.

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