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5 Replies to “Black Block anarchists hijack party and turn it into a riot in Switzerland”

  1. They are apostates and hypocrites. Bakunin wasn’t obsessed about “racism”. Instead of talking about National Anarchists and Anarchists, we should talk about Anarchists and International Anarchists.

  2. Savor the linked media report’s characterization of what you just witnessed in that video:

    “Authorities in the capital Bern have “severely condemned” attacks against police and damage to property in clashes during an unauthorised and politically-charged techno parade that left around 50 people injured, including 21 members of the security forces.

    Now there’s a term to absorb. . .”Techno parade”. In this case, it was an ‘unauthorized’ techno parade? Are we to assume Bern actually issues permits to authorize “politically charged techno parades”?

  3. Never forget that the left wants to destroy us as much as the Moslems do, both are using the other to try and conquer the world.

  4. @Richard
    Therefore, there is no reason to treat them as separate ideogies. Mix them up. Treat them by each other’s rules. “Anarchists” destroying property have their right hand removed.

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