Swedish police search for secret Facebook Group

Original translation: John M With thanks

From Expressen.Se


Stockholm was burning Tuesday night.
According to Expressen.se, people throughout Stockholm and several other cities, are organized and instructed from a Facebook group.
– ‘We are investigating a possible communication via Facebook”, says Lars Bystrom, press spokesman at the Stockholm police.

The Stockholm police had prepared themselves ahead of Tuesday night. Bricks had been cleaned from the streets and reinforcement was brought in to prevent more riots in Husby.
All of a sudden – it exploded everywhere.
Emergency calls arrived throughout the city: “FIRE!”.
At 2:00 AM ten suburbs were reported to be involved in the riots.
And according to information from Expressen.se, everything was co-ordinated through a Facebook group.
– I was told by someone that several places were about to be set on fire. So I asked: How do you know this ? Shortly thereafter I was shown the Facebook group, a person told Expressen.se.

The group consists of people from different suburbs of Stockholm, as well as other cities in the country.
It was formed even before the riots started, according to Expressen.se. And the group was created because of a common hatred against the police.
“When the police shot a 69-year-old man (who had taken hostages – threatening to kill both hostages and any policeman in sight. The man was armed with machete and a huge knife) the group started planning the riots”.
Members serve as contacts between youth in the suburbs and the group itself. All decisions are taken in the group.

According to the group, several places throughout Sweden are picked as the next tragets.One of those targets is Gothenburg.
An insider told Expressen: “The goal is to spread the riots to the suburbs of Gothenburg – as well as other cities in Sweden.”
Stockholm Police confirms that they are investigating the possibility that young people are organizing themselves by the use of social networks.

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9 Replies to “Swedish police search for secret Facebook Group”

  1. “The goal is to spread the riots to the suburbs of Gothenburg – as well as other cities in Sweden.”

    Why? For the fun of it?

    Spreading riots and chaos is a weapon of the seditious. Could this be simply a way of breaking social order so that a climate of fear is established?
    The first stage on the route to either a Marxist coup or an Islamic one.

  2. Softly Bob – the climate of fear is established in Sweden since many years. And the swedes dare not say anything – the reprisals are extremely hard and efficient for the ones that try. In a short time, you may end up losing everything you’ve got and your job. And nobody will hire you (If you have an enterprise, nobody will buy from you regardless the quality of the products.).

    Still I haven’t seen any information about the ethnicity of the rioters. I wonder when/if they’ll wake up.

  3. I believe you are exactly right, Bob. In the Quran it talks about social unrest, describing it as unbearable in the extreme, as well as it being an essential tool in the spreading of Islam. That’s why they have so many rules and restrictions – to make it impossible for anyone to live anywhere near them without causing some kind of “offense”. They’re not really “offended”, it’s just a trick they use to justify violence against their “oppressors”.

    This will now keep up in Sweden until the Swedes eventually become so demoralized that they simply give up and agree to submit to the peace of Islam. And before anyone scoffs, remember that they’re still going strong after 1400 years…

  4. @Marten Gantelius

    The Left suffers from projection. They accuse the Right of intimidating THEM:


    “i urge people to dont forget this is sweden we are talking about here, before (among other tactics) this kind of campaing were unleashed on the fash trade-unionist, left-wing journalists and other leftists where getting (fire) bombed and knifed at an alarming rate in the 90’s. shit was really bad for a while. when the nazi’s are setting fire to the houses of trade-unionists with not only them but even their kids inside extreme measures are called for.”

    As long as the Left insists Christianity should be pacifist, and as long as the Left insists Christianity should like Muslim immigrants, the Left has the ethical duty to be pacifist. Hell is eternal.

  5. Moar:

    “the fash already do it to us, they will always do it to us, we could be handing out daisy’s all day long and they would still do it to us, we are just fighting fire with fire…”

    Moar projection. The only “fascist” group willing to use the same level of violence consistently is the Grey Wolves, and they are mostly left alone. Against the Salafists, the Left doesn’t do anything, and is scared to death.

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