Protesters shouting ‘racist Nazi scum’ barricade Ukip leader Nigel Farage in pub

So, if you oppose the more and more overtly communist and totalitarian European Union and want rights to make your own laws for the people of the country to which they apply, the left will attack you with accusations of being….

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16 May 2013

Ukip leader Nigel Farage was barricaded inside a pub on a campaign trip to promote his candidate in a Scottish by-election.

Mr Farage arranged a press conference with journalists in the Canons Gait pub on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile just yards from the Scottish Parliament to promote his candidate Otto Inglis in the Aberdeen Donside by-election.

The press conference inside the pub was soon surrounded by dozens of protesters shouting “racist Nazi scum”.

Bar staff were forced to clear the pub and the protest spilled outside obstructing Mr Farage’s exit.

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10 Replies to “Protesters shouting ‘racist Nazi scum’ barricade Ukip leader Nigel Farage in pub”

  1. Saw this on the News this evening,they said it was Students who were shouting at him,these are the same Students who shout about how they can’t get a place in Uni.for the imigrants and High Fees,give Nigel Farage your vote and he’ll create some clearence…….and just for the Record it’s called “Cannongate”(one word.) it’s named after the Cannongate Tollbooth that used to stretch accross the Royal Mile, in order to stop the People getting up to Eninburgh Castle this was the Gate you had to pay a Toll at if you wanted to get to the Castle and up to the Market,….oop’s….Alex Salmond better not read this, he will prob.want to open it up

  2. Persistent brainwashing has caused a number of ordinary Brits to vilify that which is good for them. Another report I read claims that there were university students involved. This doesn’t surprise me. Despite their smugness, they are the most brainwashed of the lot!

  3. Heh, heh. All this will do is bring a smile to Farage’s face, and make him redouble his efforts. Good old, lefty, moron students – you can always rely on ’em…I remember them first emerging in the sixth form common room, with a copy of ‘The Guardian’ under their arm, trying to look ‘sophisticated’ in front of that girl they fancied, but never got off with…that’s the first stage in a wet, lefty student’s evolution.

  4. Fascinating… These leftist fascist, cultural terrorists (and maybe soon actual terrorists) should really change the tune (to save face).

    Map shows world’s ‘most racist’ countries (and the answers may surprise you)
    “An international poll has revealed the world’s least tolerant countries – with Hong Kong at the top of the list and Britain near the bottom.

    The global social attitudes study claims that the most racially intolerant populations are all in the developing world, with Bangladesh, Jordan and India in the top five.

    By contrast, the study of 80 countries over three decades found Western countries were most accepting of other cultures with Britain, the U.S., Canada and Australia more tolerant than anywhere else…”

  5. The students unions are fully supported by the Labour party.The transport and organization of these events draws financial backing from the political trade unions who themselves contribute and receive funds from the Labour party.The socialist mandarins have obviously sent in the leftist street mob because they are worried about UKIP.Leftists can easily be identified by the constant repetitive squealing of the Marxist expression “wacist wacist”. In almost all cases the communists are either financially supported by the state ie benefits or students.Or supported by their mommies and daddies.Or they have managed to secure leftist political jobs like teachers, social workers local Government non jobs (Cultural awareness /youth outreach ,community cohesion workers etc.

  6. These aren’t just far left wing activists at work,they are paid Lib,Lab.Cons activists at work,the sooner the people realize this the sooner they will realize how big this problem really is.

  7. You may be correct there Trev, there will be a lot of “plants” or hired protesters who were responsible for this.

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