7th grade girl raped in school bathroom in Luton by gang of muslims

Bedfordshire Police ·  about an hour ago ·

Dear All,
A number of you have posted questions to us about rumours on other social media forums that a year 7 child was raped in the toilets at her school. Bedfordshire Police have received no reports at all about an incident of this nature. An officer has been asked to review any relevant social media postings to see if any offences of incitement or similar have been committed. We will let you know when there is any update. Because of the large number of comments on this topic, which we are unable to moderate between other duties, we have removed most of them and would ask for your co-operation in keeping posts within our guidelines.
Thank you

From Kevin Carroll’s Facebook

Kev Carroll

7 hours ago

a year 7 child in luton town has been gang raped by moslems whilst at school in the toilets,the authorities have been desperatley trying to keep it secret for fear of massive unrest by lutonians and the EDL well its too late,the luton town media have participated in the conspireracy of silence along with the police and council so as not to upset the islamic community OUTFUKINRAGEOUS! hold on to your hat luton!

Personally,  I think its time the good citizens of Luton hired some Buddhist consultants from Burma.

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  1. I concur about the Bhuddist Consultants. They have shown particular skill in the realm of town planning.

  2. if your looking to blame someone, blame the government as they are the ones who let these parasites in the country

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