Italy arrests 6 muslim men for planned terrorism

Right on schedule according to Stephen Coughlin’s timeline on Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda plans to move to all out warfare on us by 2016, we are seeing quite an uptick recently on arrests all over the world of muslims planning the usual acts of explosive peace upon us.


More details here from Reuters:

BARI, Italy | Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:16pm BST

(Reuters) – Italian police on Tuesday arrested four of six men they suspect are members of an Islamist militant cell which was planning attacks in the United States, Israel and Italy, though no specific targets were named by police.

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  1. Three years before it all hits the fan, I wonder if Iran is on the same schedule?

    Think about how much damage Obama has done to the US Military already and think about what he can do in the next three years.

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