A stunning case of Stockholm Syndrome in Edmonton

A first person account of an event by

Don Laird


Today I was in Edmonton for a few hours. At about 8:30 pm, after finishing supper, I was driving westbound on Jasper Avenue near 117th Street.

As I travelled west I noticed on the south side of the street a red car with both its front and rear windows smashed out. There were large signs attached to the car that read “Gay Bashed by Islamic School”. A large crowd had gathered and in addition to several police cars in attendance there was a tow-truck hooking up to the red car getting ready to tow it.

I pulled into a driveway and got turned around. I pulled up beside the tow-truck just as the driver was about to get in to the truck. I got the driver’s attention and quickly explained that I was quite interested in the story, that I did some writing and wanted to take a couple of photographs of the car and the signs attached to it. The driver said “no fucking way man, I’m outa here now” I pleaded with him and he ignored me.


I pulled over and got out to get my camera from the trunk. I just had it and the tow-truck driver roared away. I followed him and when he stopped at red lights I took some photographs of the car. This provoked a ridiculous response from the tow-truck driver who screamed at me out his window saying that “I wasn’t allowed to photograph the car as it was “police property now” The driver then sped away and at one point pulled away from me at a very high rate of speed through a residential section with the red car swaying and swerving wildly behind him. I caught up at the next light and took some more photographs. As I was getting in to my car the tow-truck driver had raced through a yellow light leaving me to stopped at the intersection with an Edmonton Police Service cruiser pulled up behind me. The driver had called the police because I was photographing the car, a fact later confirmed by the dispatcher for Double L Towing of Edmonton. The police cruiser waited behind me until the light changed again and by that time the tow-truck was gone. The cruiser did not stop me.

I went back to the area where the car was originally parked. It turns out the car was parked in front of a gay bar called Buddy’s located at 11725b Jasper Avenue.


I started to ask around and no one seemed to eager to explain what happened. A striking facet to my conversations with some of the patrons from Buddy’s, standing outside having cigarettes, was their offered mitigation and excuse of the Muslim vandalism to the car. It was a stunning case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Many of the patrons whispered that they were afraid and didn’t want to make any comments on or off the record.

I also asked the same questions of several Edmonton Police Service officers and they too were very tight lipped. I asked which Islamic school this happened at, they refused to answer. I asked if there had been any charges laid, they refused to answer. I asked as to the identity of the car owner, they refused to answer. A couple of officers told me off the record that the owner of the car had been at a protest near and Islamic school, the protest met with the disapproval of the Muslims who then vandalised the car.

The owner took the car and applied the signs and parked it in front of a popular Edmonton gay bar. The purpose in parking the car in front of the gay bar was to send a message that Muslims will become extremely violent should they disagree with anyone on points of a political and cultural nature. The police removed it as the car “was attracting too much attention”.

The car was towed by Double L Towing, Unit 135, to the Edmonton Police Service vehicle impound yard at 124th Street and Yellowhead Trail. The vehicle is now part of a criminal investigation that the Edmonton police are being very, very tight lipped about.

I am quite interested to hear the details on this case as it unfolds.

Don Laird
Edson, Alberta, Canada

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Canadian artist and counter-jihad and freedom of speech activist as well as devout Schrödinger's catholic

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  1. “A couple of officers told me off the record that the owner of the car had been at a protest near and Islamic school, the protest met with the disapproval of the Muslims who then vandalised the car.

    The owner took the car and applied the signs and parked it in front of a popular Edmonton gay bar. The purpose in parking the car in front of the gay bar was to send a message that Muslims will become extremely violent should they disagree with anyone on points of a political and cultural nature. ”

    Was the protest about homophobia taught in Islamic school? OR was it about something else and this protestor who was gay became an easy target as he was gay too?

    Well it is interesting that there is at least one gay person in the entire Western World that recognizes the anti-gay violence of Islam and was trying to warn other gays – who probably will not listen yet.

    Atheists are slowly waking up and looks like a tiny number of gays are as well. The question is is it too late or not enough in time.

  2. Saw this first on the Cat, so just copied my comment

    Yup, sorry I missed this one, and this area is quite a hodge podge, just a block south are the multi-million dollar condos, and quite a lovely neighborhood, also, near one of the synagogs, yet along this stretch of 6-8 blocks of Jasper Avenue it is like the inner city…..lots of crime, and at night dangerous, the islamics have gradually been taking up business front space, restaurants, medi centers and generally attempting to stake claim to this stretch, it contains one of Edmontons oldest synagogs, along with the main Catholic cathedral….

    Whoever got this article, kudos….

    It goes to show how dangerous the islamics in Edmonton are…

    Had no idea there was a protest here either, was it only the gays protesting?

    If the islamics are not afraid of following protesters and stealing their car, they are now as bold here as they are in Toronto, where they openly harass citizens, and where I was personally harassed for several years by these hideous scumb….
    We have a cowardly lion for a mayor, similar to the sad senerio that Toronto was in before Rob Ford was elected. Leftards who promote interfaith multi-culti bullcrap….and hide this type of situation from getting out to the public….
    By the way, when I checked the edmonton newspaper, journal for front page after the terrorists, they ran a flower story, a rare blooming but really, while the nation has terrorists on the front page, they have flowers? Thank gawwwwwd for the sun

  3. The purpose of terror attacks is to terrorize, this attack scared a lot of gays who will refuse to talk about it because they don’t want to be the next person attacked. The Moslems have a lot of political pull right now and most people are afraid to stand up to people with political pull, especially when they are known to use violence as a political tactic.

  4. not only was the car vandalized, but the owner was twice bashed. Police have some degree of responsibility for this gay bashing but you’ll have to ask them why they allowed this to happen…. You’d be shocked to find out THE REST OF THE STORY!

    Police investigation underway

  5. @Dave Anderson

    The Edmonton Police Service is in full cooperation with the Islamist/Muslim community in Edmonton regarding this incident, they are doing their level best to make it go away. Further, the Muslims are laughing their asses off as the level of ignorance as to the Muslim agenda amongst police officers is stunning…..just bloody stunning.

    If you have any details Dave, please forward and post them.

    Regards. Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

    “Somewhere between here and there”……..

  6. Edmonton Police impounded the car to stiffle free speech and to cover up their complicity in this crime. A picture of the protester is posted on CTV’s website here


    Apparently, the owner had his car towed down to city hall Thursday afternoon and had it on display in front of Edmonton police HQ on Friday morning. I guess the police couldn’t find any way to shut him up again…

  7. Did the police arrest and detain, but never charge the protester and hold him til after dark so the gay basher could smash his car windows??

  8. Sounds like the Mississipps Sheriff’s tactic from Mississippi Burning.

    Hold their victim until after dark, and set the Klan on them.

  9. Hello there….

    We have a very serious problem here in Alberta with Muslims.

    From that sneering little weasel Syed B. Soharwardy of the Ezra Levant fame, to the group “Muslims of Calgary” spewing their poison regarding the “filthy untouchable kuffar and infidels”, to the festering sore of orthodox Islamic human waste that is emerging Fort McMurray, and this is only the tip of the iceberg………Alberta is now in full cardiac arrest.

    On the website can be found Fjordman’s “Defeating Eurabia”…….I was rereading it again last night and found contained therein, the warnings I have been leveling since I joined the Pushback……Muslims and Dhimmis now saturate many of our law enforcement agencies……that infection/corruption is a mirror reflection Europe, the UK and of the warnings Fjordman issued……our demise is at hand…….

    I expect many senior levels of our military have been compromised as well………

    No longer can Canadian law enforcement be trusted……and our politicians and fawning judiciary……one word comes to mind with respect to their confrontation of Muslims on our behalf…………”abandonment”

    So, with that in mind, let us recognize the new order and move ahead, organizing amongst ourselves, and dealing with the Muslims ourselves……..to involve law enforcement to a lesser extent is reasonable, to trust those same men and women who lick Muslim ass with intelligence and sensitive information…..is foolhardy…..

  10. To be honest- It’s really funny how everyone in these comments are making assumptions about the incident, like you all were present. I am a student of that very school, and was present during the time of the incident. I was also, if i may add, a witness to the events that occurred prior to the incident above.
    First, I would like to make clear that the Edmonton Islamic Academy has done NO harm to the city of Edmonton. That man came with his threatening presence, to attack our school because of what we believe in. Does that sound fair? May I remind you, that our school ranges from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Children and young adolescences. What happened to Canada being all about freedom? Our religion is against gays, that is an undeniable fact. BUT WE ARE IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, taught to be violent towards them at school. We are in Canada, get with the program here.
    Secondly, that man had all the freedom and right to speak out against Islam, if he pleases (Nowadays everyone is attacking us). But I found it morally unacceptable to do so in front of a school. Like seriously? I did not feel safe going to school, neither did my little brothers. My mother would call numerous times to see if we were alright. The school had to take drastic measures of hiring a security guard, and perfecting our lock-down system. By the way, this was not an ordinary protest, this went on for about a school year.
    Thirdly, this story is very, very long. And my reply is very, very late. (I just happened to stumble upon this right now) But, if you are still interested in hearing the story, from a students perspective, I am more than happy to tell you everything from start to finish via email. I just don’t appreciate people always assuming that Muslims are the bad guys in every situation, because its not the case for this story.

    • Sam says: “That man came with his threatening presence, to attack our school because of what we believe in.”

      Tell me Sam. Do you believe that you should strike terror into the hearts of the unbeliever and wage jihad until all religion is for allah? Do you believe in death for apostacy? Do you believe that a woman’s testimony is worth 1/2 or 1/4 (depending on how yu do the math) of a mans? Do you believe that sharia should replace the constitutional law of Canada and everywhere else whether it is wanted or not? Do you believe in the Median verses of the koran and the principle of abrogation?

      If they answer is yes to one or more of these questions, and I am pretty confident its yes to all of them, the man who came to protest your beliefs was doing the absolute bare minimum that any decent human being should do based on how truly dangerous and awful those beliefs are. The right response is the one Cameroon took yesterday. I hope I live to see the day when Canada takes the same measure as it is the only one that can work against your practiced deception and terrorism.

      Sam says” First, I would like to make clear that the Edmonton Islamic Academy has done NO harm to the city of Edmonton. ”

      If you believe any or all and likely quite a few more similar precepts as listed above, then all you do is harm to Edmonton. In fact your entire reason for being is to do harm to the kufar. Since most of the koran is basically an instruction set to hate and harm the unbeliever.

      Sam says “Our religion is against gays, that is an undeniable fact. BUT WE ARE IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, taught to be violent towards them at school. We are in Canada, get with the program here.”

      There is a difference between being against a behaviour and being against a people. Muslims are taught that homosexuals should be murdered for their predilection. This is also an undeniable fact. Whether or not you feel that islam is powerful enough in Canada at this time to use the sharia is irrelevant. The fact that we know you work towards the time when sharia is the law to the extent that you can is what matters. Sure, some muslims believe you have to wait for a while before you can start killing gay people. But islam teaches they must be killed and that is also a fact even if it isn’t quite there yet in Canada. It also teaches incrementalism.

      Sam says: “Nowadays everyone is attacking us”

      Actually if you turn on the TV you will discover that islam is attacking everyone. As it historically always has.

      Sam says: “I did not feel safe going to school, neither did my little brothers.”

      Now you know how the Yazidi, the Jews, the Christians, the Hindus, the atheists, the secular, the agnostic, the Buddhists all feel. No wait no you don’t because muslims don’t protest in single numbers against these groups, they blow thn up and commit genocide against them and when possible, actually put them into slavery and make Janissarys of their children. Maybe you need a little perspective. Call that brief moment of feigned fear a teachable moment.

      Sam says: “The school had to take drastic measures of hiring a security guard, and perfecting our lock-down system.”

      Oh. You mean like every Jewish institution, Synagogue, and school in Canada thanks to muslims who attack them for real all the time? Or like every public school in Canada now thanks to Islamic terror which has had to do drills on lock down and add security etc. Maybe its time you got a taste of it. You caused it.

      Sam says: I just don’t appreciate people always assuming that Muslims are the bad guys in every situation, because its not the case for this story.”

      Actually yes it is. People have not just the right to protest beliefs, but when the beliefs are as Nazi like as yours people have a moral obligation to protest them. The fact that it was just one guy is what is shameful. Every muslim school in Canada which teaches koranic principles of violent manifest destiny, or even subversion and supplanting real law with the pretense of divine law called ‘sharia’ should be swarmed with right thinking people.

      I would suggest going to live in a muslim country if you want to live under that system, or joining a Canadian legal and ethical system. Now that there is a large caliphate that stretches across West Africa, the middle East and soon Afghanistan, I suggest you and yuor frightened brothers should go there for a better life. After all, nothing to dear from a single gay protestor right? They have all been killed or suppressed to invisibility and there is no danger from the religion of peace right? Write me when you get there.

      • I’ll excuse you for your comments against my brothers and I; and my religion, because you have never read the Quran. I will also advise you to do so, if you have the time. Maybe then you will be able to understand what you are quoting, context and condition included.
        About 100% of what you said regarding my religion and school is bullshit. Your research was poorly conducted I’m afraid to say. I invite you, to come to this very school and see our Islamic program, and what we are taught. I would be delighted to be your personal tour guide.
        You have the wrong idea of what Islam is, and you have the wrong view of Muslims. I would actually love, if you are a local in Edmonton, to grab a coffee and talk about this more. I really am interested in knowing why you are so against Islam.
        In regards to the protester:
        The gentleman that protested, had all the right and freedom to. It was not the fact that he was protesting, neither was it because of WHAT he was protesting, that had everyone breaking sweat. It was where he chose to conduct it: at a school.You must not understand what that looks like for a kid. A strange, old man walking around the school all day long; with a poster in his hands, he radiates an eerie aura, and he doesn’t leave. Its bizarre, and oddly scary in a little kid’s point of view.
        If I may add, the protester had also physically harassed a mother, after she had asked about his reasons for protesting…
        Eeyore I do wish to meet with you in person so we could discuss the bigger picture here, I am interested in what you have to say about Islam. I also advise you to read an English copy of the Quran. (I could supply you with one-should you need) I urge you to come to the Islamic Academy once school opens, and I could give you a tour of the place; we could have you sit with our Islamic studies coordinators and they would, happily, give you all the information regarding our curriculum.
        Please, do let me know if you accept my invitation.
        Thank you very much, and I do look forward to seeing you in the future.

        • Sam says: “I’ll excuse you for your comments against my brothers and I; and my religion, because you have never read the Quran”

          I have read it, I understand abrogation and I have read the tasfirs on many of the important verses. In fact I know the koran and its intentions rather well. I am also familiar with much on sharia law and other texts on islam and its implementation. I have also interviewed Sam Solomon personally, a man who was once a jurist at Al Azzar.

          Sam said: “About 100% of what you said regarding my religion and school is bullshit. Your research was poorly conducted I’m afraid to say. I invite you, to come to this very school and see our Islamic program, and what we are taught. I would be delighted to be your personal tour guide.”

          Yes well, suffice it to say that it doesn’t surprise me that you do not refute anything I say in any logical or reasonable manner but just insult it. I find that is the default position when a muslim ‘debates’ the scriptures of islam with someone who knows them. But let’s just say I didn’t. Already in Canada a number of shiia and sunni schools have been closed for the kind of hateful and dangerous ideas that they teach, all of which are accurate aspects of koran and hadiths.

          Interesting that Cameroon has decided to close all mosques and muslim schools isnt it? I wonder why? Clearly it has something to do with what is taught there. If one studies islamic history one learns that the first mosque ever in Yathrib (Medina) was in fact a Beachhead more than a church. Weapons were stored there, plans were laid, armies were assempled and instructions where given and the city of Yathrib, built by Jews, was soon taken over and Mohamed murdered something like 800 Jewish men with his own sword before raping their wives.

          Please do tell me how I have any of that wrong? And why a muslim school wouldn’t teach what great things those events were?

          Once again, I have read quoran. Im happy to discuss it here. But if you think I am going to sit with a religious muslim and expose myself to that kind of danger, I suggest you go visit the site of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in case you are unaware of the peace and tolerance muslims have for people who criticize that particular religion.

          Thanks for the offer though. But this forum works every bit as well. Start by telling me how I am wrong about Koran and islamic history?

        • Sam says: “I’ll excuse you for your comments against my brothers and I; and my religion, because you have never read the Quran”

          What would happen if you didn’t excuse Eeyor his opinion?

          Would you smash his property too? This appears to now be the going-rate in Canada. What if you were both in Pakistan, would you cut his throat?
          Please list the going rate for punishing a kuffar under Shariah Law that you are compelled to do to honor Islam – and source the holy texts you would refer to.

          Thank you in anticipation for you answer. The culture of Canada you or your parents moved to used to tolerate people with the ‘right to be wrong’ and then over recent years Socialists have turned this around with a voracious intolerance for people to be ‘wrong to be right’. That is, to be overheard to not be politically correct when among Preferential Groups.

          This restrictive surveillance society has eagerly encouraged millions of muslims to suddenly flock to the West, because of a direct kinship with the Shariah way of life with the added valuable resources of Welfare and free Benefits unheard of in ilslamicize countries.

          To flies on dung to flies on sugar come to mind.

        • As all conversations go with muslims Sam, we are told ‘our religion is like yours’ and then they reveal it is completely unlike ours, because when Islam turns into Muhammadism, and it always does when the numbers are high enough, it gives only three options to the kuffar population:
          1. Submit
          2. Pay the higher Jizya tax of the despised Christians and Jews
          3. Die.

          We have on our flank Socialism turning into Communism:
          1. Submit to a Preferential Group.
          2. Pay the higher income tax of the despised “Priviledged” class
          3. Unable to access benefits or employment and die.

          So after your schools have destroyed the freedom-loving libertarian West, who are your friends who want you to learn to be civilized and live and let live, the Communists with no more resistance will come down so hard it will be like Armagedon.

          Our fight for the right for individual conscience and expression should be your fight too. Sadly you are clone at the moment, and with an unused brain it will atrophy and wither away until four heifers and a lot more in heaven is all that is needed.

    • Sam, thankyou for your update, and it’s nice of you to explain how it feels to be made intimidated by someone else’s ideology pushed into your face as truth – backed up with the menace of violence. We see how Anti-facist charities in the West get tooled up with weapons when they march.

      In Islamic countries homosexuals would be rounded up and imprisoned, hung or pushed off tall buildings.

      Now, if you indulge my opinion from years of observation, homosexuals were not born that way, and nor were muslims.

      Both ideologies of LGBTQ and Islam do not tolerate the logic of scrutiny which brings ridicule, and are prepared to be violent to criticism.

      Christians are not rioting in the streets when Jesus is insulted because they try to live by his very teachings and his principled example set. Jesus killed no one. The truth is higher than bruised ego, and cannot be forced on anyone because that will only make them a robot; you will learn by your mistakes. It is better to drive your own car than have Google drive it for you.

      You are an individual with the right to follow your own journey, and if nobody subsidizes you and claims it was not your fault, the unrighteous path will sober you up and become a slave to neither Devil or Angel.

      As Jesus said: “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”
      This means you do not get it from a book.

      Thank you again and please share more your views on why there are so many vile and utterly barbaric attrocities committed by fundamental muslims.

      I know you love Jesus because muslims tell me so: https://m.facebook.com/notes/wake-up-muslims/jesus-in-islam-muslims-love-prophet-isa-too-/206945051337

      Best wishes,


      • You seem to be very indulged in your faith. I will not go out of my way to insult you for what you believe in. Nor will I pull up verses from the bible that go against what you said. I don’t really agree with you, but I am not one that uses “freedom of speech” to insult others.
        Thank you, and if you could, explain the “vile and utterly barbaric atrocities committed by the fundamental” argent’s, like the recent Sandra Bland case, I would greatly appreciate that.
        Thank you again,

        • Freedom of speech was created to limit religious authority with truth.

          If it is insulting, then thats your issue. In a way, its a kind of theft because you are taking offense when none is given. But the right to criticize religion and especially religious authority is the core of the enlightenment and it will be preserved. If you care to explain why my reasoning is faulty I will listen. So far you have offered none, preferring to simply tell me I am wrong and offer to straighten me out.

          Most people who read this site are familiar with your scripture. Why not have a discussion here? Explain why we have it wrong and that the Islamic State is not really islamic and the million girls in the UK who were forced into prostitution and sexual slavery by muslims had nothing to do with islam and why nearly every act of heinous violence perpetrated against civilians because they are unbelievers is by muslims.

          I’m looking forward to it.

          • I know that there is many faults and holes in what you are saying, but I’m not sure how to address them in an appropriate and formal way- a way in which you would understand. I, myself, am not the best person to have this argument with- I am still learning about my religion. You have stated some good/aggressive points. I would like to just end it off here- if that’s okay. Consider it what you want, a surrender, I don’t care. The bottom line is that I am not a violent person, my parents and school do not teach me to be so. I don’t find it fair of you guys to stereotype every Muslim- in the way you do so. Not every Muslim is a crazy-killing-violent-terrorist. I for one, am not. And it’s just plain rude. My family and I (as well as most Edmontonian Muslims) are just ordinary people, who pray everyday, give to charity, fast the month of Ramadan, and try to perform pilgrimage to Hajj in our lifetime. And it just sucks, being called a terrorist and assumed violent over and over.
            I do apologize for insulting your comments in my responses. It was great debating with you Eeyore.
            I wish nothing but the best for you, Inshallah.
            Thank you.

            • No one aid anything about “all muslims”. That was a highly dishonest thing for you to say. We were speaking about islam as a religious doctrine and ideology. I stand by every word I said about islam and can prove it to anyone’s satisfaction that is concerned about the truth of islam, based on its own scriptures, actions and history.

              However at no point in this discussion or on this site is there mention of “all muslims” and or you to say we did is dishonest and misleading.

              The problem I may or may not have with any individual muslim is 100% related to the extent to which they commit themselves to the doctrine of manifest destiny of islam, or violent application of islam, or the removal or my rights and freedoms to think and speak how I wish about any subject that tries to impact my life in any way, and islam is chief among those at this time.

              When you are ready to have an adult conversation about your doctrine and not make it personal or be dishonest come back. You will always be welcome as are all who wish to try and resolve these dangerous issues by reasoned discussion.

              Should you choose to do so, an excellent start would be to denounce the Islamic State as Takfiri, to denounce the practice of death for apostates, to denounce the practice of taking slaves of the unbelievers. If you can do these things as a start, it would go a long way to showing your version of you faith is worth consideration.

            • “… just ordinary people, who pray everyday, give to charity, fast the month of Ramadan, and try to perform pilgrimage to Hajj in our lifetime”

              To normal people, that is totally extraordinary because you are forced to pray even if you don’t feel like it, made to give alms to poor muslims without a dinar to starving Hindus and anyone outside your faith, made to partake in an annual Moon-God month-long fesitival, must travel once in your lifetime to the world’s largest Gift Shop and through to swarm around a shrine with a meteorite venerated as laid by Adam and kissed as an idol within the shape of a vagina. Totally extraordinary.

              But a lot less extraordinary to those growing up in Roman Christianity and other Pagan interfaiths that can debate and see a lot in common in borrowed myths as their sacred truths, keeping each other in the comfort of self-conceit.

              You have a real universe to explore awaiting you, maybe even travel the Solar System. Don’t jaundice your mind with rigid doctrines used to keep you submissive.

              Be moral, loving and honest. Your standard copies no one else’s. We who are at peace, like everyone not afraid of death on earth or in heaven, can see Muhammad’s trickery and moves. You are dancing so much to keep still – that you can’t see.

              Study the stories of Jesus and work out each moral lesson. Then your conscience will convict you.

        • Hi Sam,

          “if you could, explain the “vile and utterly barbaric atrocities committed by the fundamental” argent’s, like the recent Sandra Bland case, I would greatly appreciate that.”

          The only way to achieve wisdom and understanding is if we both are sincere.

          You are not being so kind. You know full well the meanings being conveyed to you about muhammadism and the use of islam to distract from thuggish behavior like smashing cars, and yet you invent games like that the teachings of Jesus can be abrogated just like in the koran – with an opposite – they can’t. There is no peace-offering in Mecca and then a later command to kill in Medina that stands then upon muhammad’s later instruction. Jesus on his death never said something similar to muhammad, “Father, curse them, for they know not what they do”.

          This duplicity aside, the issue of being responsible for people committing suicide is interesting because it supposes we know what is in their mind.

          In Islam, submitting three times in front of witnesses is spiritual suicide, and from that point a nation is on suicide-watch and installs surveillance cameras in streets everywhere. What still more do you think we should do to prevent it happening? How can we protect you from yourself getting outraged?

          • “How can we protect you from yourself getting outraged?”

            The answer is don’t get upset.

            Don’t be prideful.

            Forgive those who tresspass against you – as God forgives you.

            Leave the homosexual’s car alone next time. For you were once like them, slaves to a kingdom where no way out is but down. Getting worse and worse by year.

            I would be as rageful too to blame everyone else but myself and force everyone to believe I was superior.

            Don’t judge the speck in their eye.

            • Don’t judge them for having the speck in their eye.

              We can’t remove it for the homosexuals, only hold up a mirror so that they can. Likewise for the muslim.

              Both have fears and demons of childhood they have to face to release themselves and be free.

              • One must secure the self from the consequences of the demons of others before offering to be part of their solution. If there is a historical example of an alternative order of events it would be great to see.

              • Very good point, Eeyor. You can’t invite the sick-minded into your home, because what ever get’s them thru the night,Ramadan, will kill you.

                But, I do not write Sam, only for those of his friends who can see.

  11. You’ve got Islam all wrong. But I can’t change what you guys think. There is no cure, after all, for ignorance; neither is there a cure for close minds. It was a good discussion. I’m glad I had the opportunity to exchange thoughts with you guys on this forum. Thank you for everything. (Let this be my last message)
    Thank you.

    • What discussion? You haven’t actually made any points or posted any reasoning. You just told us we are wrong, closed minded and ignorant and some other insults in an earlier post which you disguised with a pseudo nice-guy frame like you did in this post. not to mention you seem to think you have a right to the last word.

      I, and probably others here, are happily hoping to read actual explanations of why we are wrong about islam instead of just being told we are. And until someone can explain it to us, you might understand why we continue to roll with the evidence and what we can see with our own eyes.

      You have not answered even one question or refuted the issue of the Islamic State, death for apostasy or anything. you just deliver insults while simultaneously trying to pretend to the moral high ground. I wish I could say I haven’t seen that before but I have. With other muslims that venture onto this site.

    • Sam came here to put his argument that he was at the school and in his opinion the homosexual had scared young children in the school by holding up a placard insulting his religion.

      Everything he had been taught by his parents, imam and school about the world and how to kill or subjugate kuffar was brazenly trampled on by a man who liked to rumble with other men.

      To a cult with serious to inferiority issues under the law of the Infidel, and too young to be forming suicidal ideas for sex with virgins, smashing the car windows was the only transference of frustrated impotence they had left. The Gay guy could walk in and do what he liked. (I would have presumed he was outside the gates of the school because schools have a right to evict trespassers).

      Now, somehow, Sam sees this act of violence a normal response to insult to him or his religion in which he feels inseparable. Muhammad is the model man in personal conduct and in gaining wealth, servants and slave for Allah’s Will. This standard of life is so degenerate with females as half-intelligent cattle that everything ISIS does, does not register as abnormal in one single koranic letter.

      So Sam does not, and cannot upon rule of death, comment rationally or criticize these daily news reports revealing Islam’s cruel barbarism but will however point at the one Gay guy who realizes his number is up if Muslims trump his world domination plans.

      Now, deep down is a little boy afraid of Jinns and Allah and fellow muslims, but if he can ride ahead of the pack he is safe.

      To get readers to sympathise that hurt feelings deserves outrage and property damage is something Sam believes culturally normal, it’s what families do to one another if insulted, an honor code of grievances that run over generations.

      This is not civilized. The Western Leaders have deliberately dropped their borders like parents did during the 1970s after reading The Joy of Sex and walked naked around the house in front of their children. This Socialist Utopia hypnosis inflicted onto the West by the Communists as cultural Marxism steps up it’s game to believe all cultures are equal and the poor are just victims of circumstance.

      So Muslims cannot believe their luck, a kuffar that subsidizes them to conquer them.

      No wonder to keep asking the infidel to feel their pain and enter into their peace is like taking candy from a baby.

      Just stand and smile and be cool as a cucumber with death and destruction all around. Allah’s Will. Allah’s Will.

    • This goes to the heart of the tomato grown in a small square box, so when the box is removed it is still square shaped.

      “This is rather as if you imagine a puddle waking up one morning and thinking, ‘This is an interesting world I find myself in — an interesting hole I find myself in — fits me rather neatly, doesn’t it? In fact it fits me staggeringly well, must have been made to have me in it!’ This is such a powerful idea that as the sun rises in the sky and the air heats up and as, gradually, the puddle gets smaller and smaller, frantically hanging on to the notion that everything’s going to be alright, because this world was meant to have him in it, was built to have him in it; so the moment he disappears catches him rather by surprise. I think this may be something we need to be on the watch out for.”

      And if your parents, teachers and imam also say this is exactly so – who and what do you think are you to ever question, especially as they have permission to take your life or livelihood away for uttering such hate speech.

      We don’t want Sam to be harmed by his brothers, and he may have coded them to look away now as he has found not on hostility towards individual muslims or homosexuals but to the powerful intimidation-strings that dominate their moods, impulses, jealousies and imaginary anniversaries for eliciting mourning or celebrating.

      Totalitarian religions and collectivist regimes micromanage personal, public and virtual life. These freedoms of privacy being unalienable for every individual escapes them, so it takes only one small band of homosexuals, communists or muhammadans to take control of the whole nation’s psychi through education of children by breaking the bonds of family. A mother with one quarter of a husband is the imprinter of the children. And no fathers – physically not present or absent within their male body – is the other way.

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