March against Islamification of Sweden eclipsed by useful idiots

Europe’s leftists nurse Islam like a viper in the bosom of civilization. They will get what they want. But will they still want it when they get it?

Videos from AV Pixlat with a H/T To The Observer

More videos here and the sad story here

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10 Replies to “March against Islamification of Sweden eclipsed by useful idiots”

  1. The Leftists deserve what they get and believe me a time will come when they will get it in droves. Their power is weakening, however. They are all mouth (and perhaps some violence when in safety of large numbers) and a bit more mouth again.
    You reap what you sow and the cowardly Leftist dhimmis are soon to sow a bumper crop, and believe me, when they do they won’t like it at all!

  2. I am rather worried that while those dangerous idiots and opportunistic politicians of the Left with their islamophilie and hatred for Judeo-Christian and/or Western values have made the bed, WE will have to lie in it.

  3. Yup we have to lie in it, unfortunately for Australia the left has managed to ban your guns, the US is in trouble but can still fight for freedom.

  4. We don’t need guns in Australia just yet Rich, well at least I don’t anyway. Hopefully the Coalition Government when it wins the next election will stem the tide of illegal immigrants completely. I’m thinking though we might still need to boost immigration from China and Japan to counter the domestic muslim birth rate….

  5. There are several points to consider. First, the Leftist critique that the precariat shouldn’t be divided is a serious one. But in Leftism, it is an entirely one-way street. Non-Muslims should put up with everything from Muslims. That isn’t just, that isn’t stable. Unless the Left considers the non-Muslims to be labor aristocracy, but why then would non-Muslim workers even listen to the Left?

    The Left considers non-Leftists/non-Muslims inherently violent. That is, all non-violence from their side is considered a ruse and temporary, taqiyya and hudna. Thus, the Left feels entitled to already use violence. However, bourgeois democracy thinks otherwise. Liberal democracy has a vested interest in upholding the appeareance of the rule of law and therefore protects the still non-violent non-Leftist/non-Muslim demonstrators against the already violent Leftists/Muslims. This has the result of the Leftists/Muslims thinking the state is “fascist” and their enemies have privilege. This is totally wrong in all other respects. After all, One People’s Project can get away with posting adresses, something Matt Hale got forty years of prison for (Neither are my friends).
    So who exactly here has power and privilege?

    Finally, the girlfriends of the Leftists/Muslims are attracted to their violence. This violence is (to a certain extent) by the state. So in a way, their girlfriends are government-provided hookers.

    Both Leftists and Muslims will have to explain themselves after death. I hope they repent before it is too late. For ever.

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