Islamification of France. Russian TV

I find it both interesting and revealing that Russia, Hungary, Israel and one or two other nations which escape my memory at the moment, all within the last few months have done documentaries on the islamification of France. Makes one wonder what it will take for people to get the hint.

Thank you SimonXML for the translation. This is quite a clip of video.

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  1. Notorious anti-semite French lawyer, Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, hired by Iran to sue Hollywood over Iranophobic movies


    from her bio on wiki :

    […]engaged to Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, the international terrorist better known as “Carlos the Jackal”.

    She represented Zacarias Moussaoui early on during his imprisonment, while he was awaiting trial for his role in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

    Her other clients include Stellio Capo Chichi, Youssouf Fofana (murderer of Ilan Halimi), Roger Garaudy, Mohamed Benalel Merah (father of Mohammed Merah responsible for Toulouse and Montauban shootings) and Charles Sobhraj.


    Pic – smoking a cigar :


    In a video on youtube – mohamed merah was a victim and not a murderer

  2. As clear as the nose on my face open conflict is coming to Europe.My nose may be older and bigger but it is coming.

  3. On average the French family has one child, while the muslim immigrant has 5 children.
    The difference is that the French family expects to feed and educate their children themselves.

    Stop financing the parasites who arrive merely to take. Free contraception and nothing else.

  4. At least 50 French citizens ‘waging jihad in Syria’

    A leading French anti-terror judge has told French media he is worried about the implication of large numbers of French Muslims heading to Syria to fight a holy war against the Damascus regime.

    As many as 80 French citizens are fighting with rebel groups in Syria, according to a report in French daily Le Figaro published Wednesday.

    The number is far higher than the “handful” said by French Interior Minister Manuel Valls to be operating alongside Islamists in Mali, or the estimated number of Frenchmen who went to Bosnia, Iraq or Afghanistan to wage “jihad”, or Muslim holy war.

    […]While French Islamists caught fighting in Mali against their own countrymen provoked outrage and condemnation, those waging battle in a war officially supported by France are doing so in a particularly grey area.

    […]“Let’s not be fooled. A good proportion of them are going there in the hope of helping establish a radical Islamic state. The actual terrorism will begin just as soon as the Assad regime is defeated.”

  5. Ohhh God! the open conflict is coming to all of the civilized world, and it is coming sooner rather then later, the world is headed towards a major financial meltdown with many nations defaulting on their debt. The resulting breakdown of the distribution system for food and clothing will result in riots that will spread as the Europeans start pushing to keep the jobs for Europeans and not Moslem immigrants.

    Some people pay attention to the economy and some to the immigration crisis, they are closely tied together with no easy solution to either.

  6. A civil war in France between Muslims and non-Muslims is a certainty. For previous historical examples study the history of Yugoslavia which started decades before the 1990’s with the influx of Muslims into Kosovo and Bosnia with their much higher birthrates. By the 1990’s it broke out in civil war with NATO supporting the Muslims, followed by Muslim outright destruction of evidence of non-Muslim civilization in the region. I expect to see the eventual destruction of the Louvre and other repositories of European non-Muslim civilization in Europe. I used to get upset about this coming catastrophe, but why should I care about a civilization that doesn’t care about its future, and aids in its own destruction? The trend is obvious: Yugoslavia, Egypt, Libya, Syria (all cases where the West is aiding and abetting the Islamic jihad, against Christians in the Middle East and against the West), the mass immigration of the Muslim birth bomb into Europe (aided and abetting by suicidal Europeans). The US is on the same path, just at an earlier point on the curve. The West is the walking dead, using all its resources to bring about its extinction.

  7. Arius it isn’t a given that the Moslems will win the coming civil war in France and the other countries, in fact if the French people will band together they can drive the Moslems into the Med. don’t give up hope until after the civil war has been lost on the battle field.

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