The only thing the west has going for it at this time is the magnificent incompetence of the average jihadi.

The Local:

Photo: DPA

Published: 13 Mar 13 18:39 CET | Print version
Updated: 13 Mar 13 19:00 CET

German police said on Wednesday evening that they had foiled an Islamist assassination plot against a leading xenophobic politician in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

The authorities arrested four members of a radical Salafist group before they could murder Markus Beisicht, the head of the anti-Muslim far-right Pro NRW party.

The police apprehended two of the suspects in Leverkusen near Cologne, where they were apparently observing Beisicht. Two others were arrested in Essen and Bonn, where the police discovered ingredients to make explosives and a gun.

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  1. They are massively incompetent, so incompetent that in any rational world they would be kept away form thinking people.

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