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4 Replies to “New bus adds on San Fran busses”

  1. 1. Pamela Geller sure deserves the crown of Queen Esther – she is one courageous woman! http://littlenotesfromparis.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/pamela-geller-queen-esther.html

    2. I always thought that San Francisco was the Mecca for the Gay world – so why are they not rather fighting homophobia which is, to say the least, nothing if not direct and deadly under Islam.

    3. Looking at the haters who violently scream “hate speech hate speech hate speech”, I might just start to be flattered if someone would accuse me of “hate speech”

  2. The only “hate speech” is what the terrorists are quoted as saying in the ads. Alerting people to bigoted hate speech of others is not hate speech.

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