Plan for largest mosque in country given go-ahead

Erin go tard

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Erin go tard

Plans for Ireland’s biggest mosque have been given the go-ahead by Dublin City Council for a site in the north of the city.

The six-acre site in Clongriffin will be able to cater for up to 3,000 Muslims during festivals.

One condition of the planning permission is that there is no call to prayer audible outside the complex.

The development will consist of a three-storey domed mosque with minarets, a conference centre, primary and secondary schools and fitness centre with swimming pool.

The mosque will cater for around 550 people for Friday night prayers but up to 3,000 for the festival of Eid.

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5 Replies to “Plan for largest mosque in country given go-ahead”

  1. Hope the hell they know what they are doing allowing this to get the Go-ahead,come on Ireland they are…. NOT YOUR FRIENDS.!!

  2. You stupid, stupid, stupid bastards……you’ll rue the day you did this… the boot-heel of muslims slowly settles on the necks of the Irish…….oh, how the muslims must be laughing their asses off.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. “Erin go tard”

    I’d rather say they “return to form”. They have run out of local pretexts fro violence – Islam will offer them new ones….. (yes, you may call me cynical).

  4. Haven’t these alchoholic retards learned a single thing from their centuries long experience with England? In all seriousness the Irish, of all people, know what the spreading of a religeon to a target country is a part of a colonization process.

    I suppose the protistant “loyalists” screeched about tolerance too when they paraded through catholic neighborhoods, seeking to provoke violence.

  5. Actually there is a very vocal (loud) support for the BDS (boycotting Jewish products and calling Jews “Nazis”) in Ireland. They also have some very loud supporters of the poor Palesteeeeeeenian “victims” – perhaps it’s because of their loudness that one can get the impression their numbers are large…But the Jew-hatred seems to be quite widespread in Ireland, at least among those who are loud and violent – a thing they have in common with the aluakbarists.

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