Norwegian police arrest rape-suspect, media and lefties complain.

I think the police should drop this rapist-suspect off at the house of the people objecting to the manner of the arrest. That would solve so many problems at once.

Here is an explanation from The Observer who found and translated this clip.

The clip shows the arrest of a suspect after a sexual assault which occurred in Bodø last night. The alleged perpetrator happens to be a culture enricher — surprise, surprise… The arrest seems pretty straightforward to me, but VG, one of Norway’s biggest papers, obviously wants to make an issue out of it, and questions the integrity of the police officers carrying out the arrest.

It would be interesting to find out what VG thinks the officers should have done differently. Would they have preferred the police officers to ask the suspect politely to accompany them to the police station, perhaps wait for an interpreter? The guy was quite clearly resisting arrest, and the police were well within their rights to use appropriate force to subdue him. If the man in the clip is indeed the rapist, then I think the police were very gentle with him. I know I wouldn’t have been the case with me if I had caught someone raping a woman.

More here at GOV

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7 Replies to “Norwegian police arrest rape-suspect, media and lefties complain.”

  1. Its a strange world when the perpetrator gain public support!

    Try to restrain an unwilling person without using force and you will fail.

  2. I spotted a problem right away. The police didn’t say “Please put these handcuffs on as gently as you can so you don’t hurt yourself and we will take you in when you are ready”. “Oh, never mind, go on your merry way”.

  3. I was at a party once,when all of a sudden this giant of a man told me to get rid of my beer…So I did the first thing I thought of? I drank it…then he preceded to pepper spray me and club me. It didn’t bother me a bit.

  4. A case should be made against the newspaper which called it police brutality. They need to be made to pay for sensationalist and exaggerated coverage. If not they will do it again and again.

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