Egypt moves to ban alcohol, belly dancing

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Daily Star:

February 18, 2013 12:20 AM

CAIRO: Two years after the Egyptian revolution that ousted President Hosni Mubarak, liberals are increasingly concerned that the ruling Islamists are out to curb personal freedoms and build a society in their own image. Nabil Abbas, the vice president of the New Urban Communities Authorities, told Reuters Sunday that the government would no longer issue licenses for the sale of alcohol in new residential settlements on the outskirts of Cairo, Alexandria and other big cities.

“NUCA has stopped renewing licenses to sell alcohol but the current ones will continue until they expire,” Abbas said.

“Representatives of the residents in new suburbs complained that the sale of alcohol leads to problems including attacking women and randomly ringing doorbells of people’s homes.”

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A man buys the Muslim Brotherhood’s newspaper Al-Hurriya wal-Adala (Freedom of Justice) near a newsstand in Cairo.

A man buys the Muslim Brotherhood’s newspaper Al-Hurriya wal-Adala (Freedom of Justice) near a newsstand in Cairo.

Egypt moves to ban alcohol, belly dancing

The Daily Star-3 hours ago
And a court in Egypt Sunday ordered a TV channel that airs belly dancing clips off the air for showing “sexually explicit” content and operating 

Egypt’s court shuts down belly dancing channel, religious cleric

Ahram Online-16/02/2013
In the first case, the court orders that the popular Al-Tet belly dancing channel be taken off air for broadcasting on satellite without a license.

Egypt’s alcohol ban raises tourism doubts
Egypt’s alcohol ban raises tourism doubts  it will no longer issue licenses to sell alcohol in some urban areas, including newly-built “satellite 

Egypt to stop issuing new alcohol licences

Africa Review-13/02/2013
Egypt will no longer issue new licences for the sale of alcohol in urban areas, a government official has said, raising fears that the country is 


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