Islam critic survives assassination attempt

Copenhagen Post:

February 5, 2013 – 14:35
Assailant’s gun jammed after firing first shot – police now searching for two men wearing ski masks seen climbing into Copenhagen Zoo
Hedegaard was cleared on racism charges in 2011 brought about for comments made about Islam and Muslims (Photo: Scanpix)

The renowned anti-Islam journalist and scholar Lars Hedegaard reportedly survived an assassination attempt outside his home on Pelargonieviej in Frederiksberg this morning.

According to Ritzau, the assailant fled when his gun jammed after firing the first shot at around 11:20.

“A man shot at the victim but he missed and the bullet went over his head,” police commissioner Lars-Christian Borg told Ritzau. “When he tried to fire again, the pistol clicked and the assailant ran away.”

While Borg would not confirm the identity of the assassin’s target, a neighbour of Hedegaard’s told Politiken newspaper that he was the target.

“He told me that a man had approached him with a package and when he went to take it the man fired at him,” the neighbour told Politiken.

After first sealing off Hedegaard’s street, police have now also cordoned off Copenhagen Zoo after two men wearing ski masks were seen jumping over the wall to the zoo into the hippopotamus enclosure.

Berlingske newspaper reports that witnesses reported hearing what sounded like a gunshot at around 13:50.

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6 Replies to “Islam critic survives assassination attempt”

  1. Figures that the filthy koranimals run back to their natural environment. I hope they build better enclosures or this type of “inner struggle” may happen again.

  2. Long live Hedegaard! He is one of the best and bravest intellectuals Denmark has ever had! While the entire establishment has been crawling like worms in the dust before the murder cult of islam, this man has stood up and told the truth. And now unarmed he has put his would be assassin to flight. A true fucking hero! What an honor to be his countryman.

  3. Regardless of Danish gun laws, if I was Lars living in that environment, I wouldn’t even open my door without a loaded 9 mm in my hand. As the sage declared — “Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six”.

  4. Personally I prefer the 45, I still want to know if it was a known terrorist group or just two acting on their own. Both possibilities are dangerous but in different ways.

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