Muslims bomb theatres to protest Vishwaroopam, Kamal Haasan offers cuts

So, any nation that allows a lot of Islamic immigration has difficult choices to make.

They can drastically reduce basic liberties, most critically things that are true and important but that Muslims living in your cities may find an objectionable representation of them, true or not. Or, we stop allowing Islamic immigration and begin the arduous and dangerous process of actually enforcing our own laws equally for all. Something I would bet most Canadians pretend is the case still.

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From Niticentral:


Kamal Haasan threatens to leave India

Muslims protesting against Kamal Haasan’s film Vishwaroopam hurled petrol bombs at two theatres in Tamil Nadu where the movie was scheduled to be screened on Wednesday following the High Court staying the ban imposed by the State Government. Petrol bombs were hurled at theatres in the Ramanathapuram district, 600 km from Chennai. There are no reports of injuries. Glass panes at the theatres were shattered.

Meanwhile, Kamal Haasan met with representatives of the Muslim community and later told newspersons that he had come to an amicable settlement over the dispute that rose from his using verses from the Quran in Vishwaroopam. “This film is not against Indian Muslims. It is in support of Indian Muslims. There seems to be some confusion over the use of Quranic verses and I am willing to edit out these references,” he said.

An emotional Kamal Haasan had said on Wednesday morning that he would be forced to leave the country if the ban on his film ‘Vishwaroopam’ was not lifted.

The Tamil Nadu Government had imposed a ban on the film after certain Muslim groups protested against it alleging that it portrayed the community in a negative light. The Rs 95 crore thriller was originally scheduled to release in Telugu and Tamil on January 25.

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4 Replies to “Muslims bomb theatres to protest Vishwaroopam, Kamal Haasan offers cuts”

  1. ““Now I shall wait for the afternoon judgement but after this… I think I will have to see a secular state for me to stay in. I have nothing to lose. I might as well choose a place which would house an artiste like me. “I will learn in another couple of days whether I will be able to find a secular state in India or not. I will find, hopefully, another country which is secular that might take me in,” Haasan said.”

    Hassan is an Indian Muslim director who felt partition of India on Islamic lines was wrong. He cares for India. He realistically created a movie that includes Islamic terrorism. He is the Muslim that no infidel has a problem with -the one who is loyal to the land who respects other faiths and does not participate in the over throw of nonIslamic governments. And to boot he realistically depicted Islamic terrorism that has plagued India.

    But as yet another artist who has offended Muslims he faces violent reaction to his work, and he is quickly finding out how fast non-Muslim countries be it India, US or Spain are willing to throw artists under the bus to put a stop to or to prevent in the first place Muslim mob violence. So many artists have faced the Muslim hecklers vote. He is not the first he won’t be the last. Not sure where he thinks he can move to. He obviously does not realize how many secular states would caution him not to do anything to upset the Muslim behemoth, more than champion his freedom of artistic expression. Even France scolded their French cartoonists on the Mohammed toons.

  2. He is finding out what Hindus have known for a long time – India is secular only to Hindus (and what passes for secularism really is anti-Hindu bigotry), it is appeases Muslims as many politicians want the Muslim vote bank.

  3. “had imposed a ban on the film after certain Muslim groups protested against it alleging that it portrayed the community in a negative light.”

    It must be like a Muslim union rule or something. Only Muslim union members can legally portray the ‘Slum community in a negative light.

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