Two held in ‘Islamic patrol’ probe

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Belfast Telegraph:

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Two men have been arrested by police investigating reports a gang claiming to be Islamic vigilantes have been confronting people in the street demanding they throw away alcohol and cover their bare skin.

In one video, posted online, men from the self-styled Muslim patrol in Whitechapel, east London, tell another man “no drink in this area, it’s a Muslim area” before ordering him to pour away his alcohol.

It has been reported that another video shows the group shouting homophobic abuse at a man and tell him “get out of here you fag… don’t stay around here any more”.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Officers investigating a series of incidents that took place over the course of the weekend of 12/13 January in east London, whereby a small group of individuals were seen to approach and harass members of the public at various locations, have arrested two men.

“Videos of the incidents were uploaded onto YouTube.”

A 22-year-old man was arrested in Acton, west London on Sunday, and a 19-year-old man was arrested on Monday after going to an east London police station.

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8 Replies to “Two held in ‘Islamic patrol’ probe”

  1. I expect they will get a strong lecture delivered with sensitivity and cultural understanding. And maybe funding for proper uniforms.

  2. Re re re re re: TSA and Nude Scanners- Mark Steyn

    Returned to the tender mercies of America’s hideous Transport Security Administration, I pine for the (literally) lighter touch of Aussie airports — no coat removal, no shoe removal, no digital imaging of one’s genitalia. From Brisbane to Perth, the screening areas are spacious and organised; in the US, it looks as if 9/11 happened last week, and they’re improvising with some trestle tables from the discount warehouse.

    My last trip to America was somne 5 years ago. Thw whole process of entry was humiliating, supervised by rude and obnoxious customs and immigration officials, all arrogant in their power over tired and defenceless incoming passengeres.

    American police were always intimidating, but now they were worse. Getting out of America proved even more humiliating.

    Its a pleasure to travel elsewhere in the Western world, despite the security, but America is a nightmare best avoided.

    What has happened people? It cant all be blamed on 9/11. While Americans loudly and proudly proclaim the 2nd amendment, America is fast becoming a tyranny.

  3. It’s good that the police in Britain are actually doing something about these Muslim thugs, but where will it end? I suspect that the judiciary system will prove to be the weak and rotten link in the chain. I guess that these Musloid retards will probably be treated with kid gloves, given warnings and be allowed to roam the streets once again.
    I suggest that for every Muslim misdemeanour, two mosques be closed down (forcibly if necessary) and for every serious Muslim crime (murder, rape and so on), ten mosques be decimated.
    I would like to see justice being served, and Muslims be dealt with by the only language that they understand. They must be removed from society, dealt with severely, and in a nutshell, given a good kicking. I expect nothing but respect from these reprobates, and if they fail to give respect then they should be given no respect in turn.
    Let’s deal with these unwashed motherfuckers by getting heavy on them. They need to know their place (which is at the bottom of a boot) and only a severe pounding can jam that into their heathen skulls!

  4. How many islamists are there in the UK waiting for the game to kick off? We are going to need one heluva lot of concentration camps! How many times has the Caliphate invaded Europe in the past, Charles Martel kicked them out, Ferdinand and Isobel did, the Austrians did in 1683. Remember nazism and its intention.
    Once more unto the breach Dear Friends!

  5. Softly Bob

    Good suggestions. However, they will still be here. The Muslim population will continue to grow with increasing pace as British Muslims bring in multiple spouses from Muslim lands, and a huge birth rate. Ditto for the rest of the WWest.

    Muslims have to be removed from Britain. Assuming there are 4 million Muslims in the UK, and assuming a removal rate of 100,000 a year, it will take 10 years at the least, with no further immigration.

    Any attempt of mass removal would not only blatantly illegal, but raise a hue and cry. It will destroy any claim that we are a civilised society, and responsible for extending the rule of law throughtout the world.

    perchancetodream wrote: How many times has the Caliphate invaded Europe in the past, Charles Martel kicked them out..

    There is one way that avoids all such problems. Warring societies automatically segregate, as that is the normal outcome of a war, specially if the war is an ongoing one. We are even helping them to form a caliphate by knocking out Muslim leaders who relied on us, and replacing them with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    This is going to be a long war – atleast 40 more years to go. But in the end the caliphate that we helped to create, will itself be destroyed, and along with it, the final gasp of Islam.

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