The Sunday Times: Theft, and a Hatchet Job Against Gavin Boby


Gates of Vienna:


Regular readers are familiar with Gavin Boby of Law and Freedom. For the past couple of years Gavin has been tireless in his opposition to the construction of new mosques in England through action in local planning councils.

Yesterday The Sunday Times published what it must have believed was a hit piece on Gavin. They accused him of “ideological hatred of Islam” and connected him with “the far-right blog Gates of Vienna”.

I can’t show you the whole piece, because it’s behind a paywall. But here’s a screen shot of the top of the article by Richard Kerbaj and Robin Henry:

Gavin Boby — Sunday Times article

And a brief snip from the opening of the article:

A SELF-STYLED “mosque buster”, who boasts that he has blocked plans for 16 mosques across Britain, was once linked to the far-right English Defence League (EDL) and claims that Islam encourages paedophilia, sexual abuse and pimping.

Gavin Boby, a planning lawyer from Bristol, urges his followers to undermine planning applications for mosques by raising their opposition with councils.

Boby, 48, runs a planning consultancy but under the banner of the Law and Freedom Foundation he also provides a free legal service for those who oppose mosque developments…

More than that I dare not quote, for fear of exceeding “fair use” and violating the copyright of The Sunday Times.

Interestingly enough, the Times itself seems to be a bit slack about copyright.

The photo at the top of the article looked familiar to me. It was obviously taken last July at the Brussels Conference sponsored by ICLA in the European Parliament.

With a little bit of digging, I uncovered the original. It was taken by my good friend Steen of Snaphanen, and posted on his blog last December.

If you look at the full-sized version of the photo, you’ll notice that it is clearly watermarked with “Foto ©”.

Trivialities such as copyright are no obstacle to The Sunday Times, however. The editors must have passed the photo on to one of their graphics specialists, who edited out the pesky watermark. Look at the two detail shots below — on the left you’ll see Steen’s original, and on the right is a blowup of the Times’ edited version:

Gavin Boby — Sunday Times theft of Snaphanen photo

You’ll notice that the graphics editor was a bit sloppy, and left in a fragment of Steen’s © to the left of the microphone.


The evidence is clear. Even an amateur like myself can see that the venerable Sunday Times stole that image from Steen.


 Click to continue:

Gavin pic steen stolen


Times stolen version

Times stolen version

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7 Replies to “The Sunday Times: Theft, and a Hatchet Job Against Gavin Boby”

  1. “… advice on how to block ‘worship'”

    Churchill gave Britain advice on how to “block worship” in the 1930s, but only after that “worship” invaded Poland that the rest of Europe and the British press stopped regarding him as a warmonger and a fear-monger, having been hit by a ton of reality bricks showing that he had been right all along.

    Can’t we all see what “worship” has done to Malmö, Marseilles, Brussels, Oslo, Seine Saint-Denis, Toulouse, Mulhouse, Catalonia, Rotterdam, Islamsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Hamburg, Dearborn, Luton, Birmingham, Londonistan, Genevastan, Lausanne and Lampedusa? The Sunday Times piece is just deja-vu all over again, as far as turning a blind eye to a mortal threat to civilization is concerned…

  2. The Sunday Times piece was more or less repeated in the Sunday version of the Daily Mail, which you can see for free online. I thought both pieces were pretty benign, all things considered, and amount to free advertising for gavin boby and his merry band of mosque busters! Raise a glass to him, everyone!

  3. When I read the same Gavin Boby feature in the Daily Mail last night, the comments were overwhelmingly supportive of his efforts, and questioned the derogatory labeling of EDL. It appears the cultural shift is becoming more CJ friendly.

  4. The ruling self proclaimed elite are scared that the ordinary people are gaining enough power to upset the delusional world the self proclaimed elite live in, thus they have to try and destroy the rebel.

  5. Well done Mr. Boby. In response I offer hereunder a truncated version of a comment of mine as posted on a previous GoV article:

    …”As all mobs do,” they changed their fearsome demeanor to cries of fright when they faced the cold iron of disciplined men in rank. Why so? Because as Brasidas goes on to tell his soldiers, such tribes are the product of cultures “in which the many do not rule the few, but rather the few the many.”
    Thucydides (4.126)

    If enough of us man-up and tool-up and show some cold iron we may even surprise ourselves.

    Seneca III

  6. The article is written by Richard Kerbaj, who used to write for the Australian. Kerbaj was known as an “Islam basher”, at least he was unafraid to expose the filth and the crime that Muslims bring with them and their leftist enablers.

    It is surprising to see such an awful hatchet job come from him; either he is a complete sellout or he writes whatever his superiors want him to write.

    I’m puzzled.

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