Mulhouse France: three youths attacked a tram

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  1. Alsace and that region is becoming more and more criminally islamised (nearly as bad as Marseille). It is thought to be the proximity of Germany, which harbours so many of these undesirables.

    A couple of years ago a French owner of a guesthouse asked two of her guests, to not wear the muslim veil in HER guest house. They sued her for “discrimination” and won. That former Pension (Guesthouse) owner, from memory, fought these accusations (these two muslim women later turned out to be militant and went to that FRENCH guest house with the intent to entrap the owner), and she lost everything, including her guesthouse and her marriage broke up. I think she even spent some time hospitalised for depression or such. It is extremly dangerous to fight against the islamisation in France, and increasingly so.

    I forget the details because I was not in France at that moment, but Riposte Laique reported on it, and that woman was actually among the demonstrators against IslamoFascisme on the 10 November last year.

  2. A senior politician on Thursday issued a desperate plea for an end to “French bashing” around the world – insisting France is “blessed by the gods” and one of the best places to live on Earth.

    Corinne Lepage, a MEP and former French presidential candidate, demanded that other countries, as well as fellow countrymen, stop treating her nation like a “the scum of the earth” and a planetary “laughing stock”.

  3. The rest of the world laughs at the French because of French actions, let them start acting like people who are willing to defend their nation and things will change.

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