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I had some problems with the server and after a couple of hours on the phone (off and on)  we managed to get the site restored. No worries though, I am looking into this to make sure it doesn’t happen again

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  1. Rita I think others have answered but briefly, when I started this blog I wanted to name it after a hero from history who had risked much and dared to fight invading Islam. Vlad Tepes is widely misunderstood as one of history’s bad guys. But even the first few minutes of the excellent 90s version of Brahm Stoker’s Dracula with (Gary Oldham) actually recognizes how Vlad fought against invading Muslim armies to defend Christian lands, to which his country voluntarily converted.

    There is a lot of good historical material available which shows how he and his brother, Radu I believe it was, had been kidnapped by the Turkish muslims and made into Janissarys. Vlad had what it took to know the wrongness of it and escape and take his rightful place as leader of his own people and fight the tards. In fact, if you search youtube there is a highly amusing video called, ‘The biggest enemy of Islam’ I think it is, about Vlad Tepes. They explain mostly the truth about him but as if he was a bad guy.

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