Suspected Islamic extremists attack Indian student in Germany

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Straights Times:

BERLIN (AP) – Police say an Indian student in Germany has been attacked and injured by suspected Islamic extremists who accosted him and demanded that he convert to Islam.

Police spokesman Frank Piontek said on Thursday that two attackers in the western German city of Bonn severely beat the 24-year-old and then slashed his tongue with a knife.

Police say the attackers walked up to the student in a city street late on Monday and demanded that he convert to Islam – then beat him up after he refused to do so.

The student, whose identity wasn’t given in line with German privacy rules, was taken to a hospital for treatment. He was released a day later.

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And for a little bit of Irony, check out what the German Government is busy propagandizing the citizens into believing and where they want to focus all the guilt like a laser. (H/T to Snaphanen for this one)

Yes while Muslims are creating no-go zones, forcibly converting people on the street and endless lists of terror plots and planned abuses of liberal democracy, the German government is spending millions making sure that no ethnic German harms a single Muslim for any reason and any reason is likely to be a horrible one anyway, right?


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  1. All it will take is for one nation to start a civil war and it will spread all around the world, when the fighting is over I doubt if many leftist or their governments survive.

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