Dr.Abdullah Badr,carried in triumph during pro Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) counter-demonstration

Here is the video courtesy of Magic Martin…

But let’s take a look at who this guy is.

From Raymond Ibrahim

Militant Muslims Cutting Out Tongues

By on November 25, 2012 in From The Arab World, Islam
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Originally published on Gatestone Institute

Recently on Egyptian TV, Dr. Abdullah Badr, an Al Azhar graduate and professor of Islamic exegesis, proclaimed that a new day has arrived, when there will be absolutely no more toleration for anyone who speaks against Islam—including people who speak against the implementation of Sharia law and its draconian punishments.

Currently on trial for libel and defamation of female Egyptian artist Elham Shahin—whom, among many other derogatory statements, he called a “whore”—an unrepentant Badr, appeared again on TV, and made the following oath:

I have sworn to Allah, that any dog—for that is how Allah described them, for they are like dogs that are constantly panting—that any dog who mocks the Sharia, or mocks Islam, or blames it, we will cut his tongue out,

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